How Did Florence Kitchelt Bring Together Social Feminists and Equal
Rights Feminists to Reconfigure the Campaign for the ERA in the
1940s and 50s?

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Document 1: "College Woman Counsellor for Italian Strikers," New York World, July 1910

Document 2: "Begins Work as Legislative Secretary," Suffrage News Bulletin, December 1918

 Document 3: Florence Ledyard C. Kitchelt, "The Mechanism of Law-Making in Connecticut: A Diagram of the General Assembly," 1920

Document 4: Ruth E. Finley, "Laying Politics Bare," Good Housekeeping, October 1921

 Document 5: National Woman's Party, "The Equal Rights Amendment and Protective Legislation," [1929]

 Document 6: Mary A. Dingman to Florence Kitchelt, 10 June 1932

 Document 7: Florence L. Cross Kitchelt to the Secretary of the National Woman's Party, 1 April 1943

Document 8: Anita Pollitzer to Alice Paul, 20 July 1943

 Document 9: Percy Maxim Lee to Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 20 July 1943

Document 10: Florence Kitchelt to Maurice S. Sherman, Editor, Hartford Courant, 8 March 1944

 Document 11: Florence Kitchelt to Chase Going Woodhouse, 7 June 1944

 Document 12: Florence L. C. Kitchelt to Alice Paul, 27 November 1944

Document 13: Florence L. C. Kitchelt to Amelia H. Walker, 8 December 1944

 Document 14: Rachael Conrad Nason to Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 2 January 1945

Document 15: Florence L.C. Kitchelt to Rachael Conrad Nason, 5 January 1945

Document 16: Caroline Lexow Babcock to Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 10 January 1945

Document 17: A. K. Wiley to Florence L. C. Kitchelt, 26 January 1945

Document 18: Eleanor Roosevelt to Florence Kitchelt, 5 February 1945

 Document 19: Ella Sherwin to Florence Kitchelt, 7 February 1945

Document 20: Jeannette Marks to Florence Kitchelt, 16 February 1945

Document 21: "Preamble to the United Nations Charter," 26 June 1945

Document 22: Florence L. C. Kitchelt, "Red Herring Tactics Held Used Against the Equal Rights Bill," New York Herald Tribune, 1 July 1945

Document 23: Florence Kitchelt to Alice Paul, 17 July 1945

Document 24: Alice Paul to Florence Kitchelt, 30 July 1945

Document 25: Alice Hamilton to Florence Kitchelt, 2 August 1945

Document 26: Florence Kitchelt to Alice Hamilton, 6 August 1945

Document 27: Florence Kitchelt to Jane Grant, 6 August 1945

Document 28: Florence L. C. Kitchelt to Alice Paul, 16 October 1945

Document 29A: Florence L.C. Kitchelt, "The Equal Rights Amendment," 17 December 1945

 Document 29B: Anna Lord Strauss, "Response to Kitchelt, 'The Equal Rights Amendment,'" 17 December 1945

Document 30: Ella M. Sherwin to Florence Kitchelt, 19 January 1946

Document 31: Florence Kitchelt to Ella M. Sherwin, January 1946

Document 32: Florence Kitchelt to the National Woman's Party, 21 July 1948

Document 33: Alma Lutz to Florence Kitchelt, 8 September 1948

 Document 34: Jeannette Marks to Caroline Babcock, 7 April 1949

Document 35: Anna Kelton Wiley to Members of the Constitution Group, 14 January 1950

Document 36A: Alice Hamilton to Florence Kitchelt, 13 May 1952

Document 36B: "Statement by Dr. Alice Hamilton on the Equal Rights for Women Amendment," [May 1952]

 Document 37: "Unofficial transcript of statement by the Honorable Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the Commission on Human Rights, on Discrimination," 20 May 1952

Document 38: Florence Kitchelt, "Dr. Alice Hamilton Withdraws Opposition--Now Supports the Equal Rights Amendment," New York Herald Tribune, 25 May 1952

Document 39: Florence Kitchelt to Henry Cabot Lodge, 11 April 1953

 Document 40: Connecticut Committee for the Equal Rights Amendment Flyer, "The Rocky Path of Equal Rights," 21 July 1953

 Document 41: Ethel Ernest Murrell to Florence Kitchelt, 5 September 1953

 Document 42: Florence Kitchelt to Alice Paul, 29 August 1954

Document 43: Alan Reitman to Board of Directors and National Committee, 20 April 1955

Document 44: Connecticut Committee for the Equal Rights Amendment, "A Brief on the Equal Rights Amendment," after March 1955



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