How Did the Canadian Women's Liberation Movement Emerge from
the Sixties Student Movements? The Case of Simon Fraser University

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Document 1: Pete Warrian, "Women in New Left Politics," Spring 1967

Document 2: Judy Bernstein, Peggy Morton, Linda Seese and Myrna Wood, "Sisters, Brothers, Lovers . . . Listen . . . ," Fall 1967

Document 3: Marcie Thom, "Women's Caucus," The Peak, 18 September 1968

Document 4: "'I Enjoy Being a Girl,'" The Peak, 5 February 1969

Document 5: Vancouver Women's Caucus, "Women's Caucus Program," ca. August 1969

Document 6: Jean Rands, "Women's Caucus Working Paper: The Problem of Priorities," May 1969

Document 7: Anne Roberts, "Politics and Women's Caucus: Are They Necessary?" ca. August 1969

Document 8: Marcy Cohen and Jean Rands, "A Report Back to the Simon Fraser Left on Women's Caucus Summer Organizing," September 1969

Document 9: Pat Hoffer, "Decision-Making in Women's Caucus: How to Increase Participation and Involvement," ca. September-December 1969

Document 10: Marcy Toms, "Women's Liberation," The Peak, 21 January 1970

Document 11: "Janiel Jolley Day," 23 January 1970

Document 12: Vancouver Women's Caucus, "The Women's Liberation Movement: An Introduction," ca. February-May 1970

Document 13: [Vancouver Women's Caucus], Cavalcade Press Release, 26 April 1970

Document 14: Maxine Schnee, Dodie Weppler, Marcy Cohen, D.J. O'donnell, Margaret Douglas, Janis Nairne, Judi Darcy, Ellen Woodsworth, Gwen Hauser, Dawn Carroll, Collette Malon, Margo Dunn, Jody Berland, Willa Marcus, Vicki Brown, Lena Karlstedt, Sharmon Kanee, Barbie Beckerman, Gail Madill, Bonita Beckman, Sue Claus, Marge Hollibaugh, Betty Madill, and Sue [?], "The Rising of the Women Means the Rising of the Race," 20 June 1970

Document 15: Joan Campana, Mary Trew, Cynthia Flood and Linda Meissenheimer, "Defend Democracy in Women's Caucus!" August 1970

Document 16: Vancouver Women's Caucus, "Women's Caucus--A History and Analysis," ca. December 1970

Document 17: "Simon Fraser Women's Caucus," ca. January 1971



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