How Did Working-Class Feminists Meet the Challenges of Working across Differences?
The National Congress of Neighborhood Women, 1974-2006

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Document 1: "Original Goals and Objectives," ca. 1975

Document 2: Janice Peterson and Christine Noschese, "Our College Program," ca. 1976

Document 3A: Olga De Leon, excerpt from video Working Class Women Changing Their World, 1977

Document 3B: Terry Deszo, excerpt from video Working Class Women Changing Their World, 1977

Document 3C: Bella Abzug, excerpt from video Working Class Women Changing Their World, 1977

Document 4: Michaela Hickey, Inez Padilla, and Christine Noschese, "A Dialogue on the Organization, Goals, and Needs of the National Congress of Neighborhood Women," June 1978

Document 5: Memorandum from the Ad Hoc Committee To Support Working-Class Women as Leaders to the Board of the Battered Women's Shelter and the NCNW Board, ca. 1978

Document 6: Lindsy Van Gelder, "National Congress of Neighborhood Women: When the Edith Bunkers Unite!" February 1979

Document 7A: Jan Peterson, "Editorial," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7B: Maria Fava, "Be Wise--Organize: Mujeres Latina en Accion--A Community Support Organization," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7C: Betty Marut, "Community Leaders Meet in Washington," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7D: Betty Marut, "City Lights, Country Sights," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7E: Shirley Davis, "The Melting Pot: Recipe of the Month," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7F: Betty Marut, "Betty Buzzes about--'This and That,'" ca. Spring 1980

Document 7G: "Did You Know?" ca. Spring 1980

Document 7H: Lynne Chollar, "Letters from Our Friends: Lynne Chollar," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7I: Anita Phillips, "Letters from Our Friends: Anita Phillips," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7J: "Low Income Women's Project," ca. Spring 1980

Document 7K: Alice Quinn, "U.S. Department of Labor Ruling Finds Women Underserved in New York City's CETA Program: The National Congress of Neighborhood Women Won a Major Victory for Women in New York City," ca. Spring 1980

Document 8: Untitled term paper, ca. 1980-1981

Document 9: Fredelle Maynard, "Woman Power," 16 November 1982

Document 10: Lisel Burns, "The NCNW Leadership Training Program," September 1983

Document 11A: Bertha Gilkey, "A Monumental Win in Federal Court on Public Housing," February 1983

Document 11B: "CBS Gives Money," February 1983

Document 11C: "Women's Public Works," February 1983

Document 11D: "Child Care Training," February 1983

Document 11E: "The Institute," February 1983

Document 11F: "NCNW around the World," February 1983

Document 11G: "Growing List of Leadership Support Groups," February 1983

Document 11H: Karen L. Larson, "Women of Many Voices: Search for Women's Self-Sufficiency," February 1983

Document 11I: "Calendar," February 1983

Document 11J: Helen Beatty, "Sharing: Helen Beatty," February 1983

Document 11K: Faye Ponik, "Sharing: Faye Ponik," February 1983

Document 11L: Terry Melf, "Sharing: Terry Melf," February 1983

Document 11M: Anne Michaels, "Sharing: Anne Michaels," February 1983

Document 11N: Helen J. Johns-Richardson, "Sharing: Helen J. Johns-Richardson," February 1983

Document 11O: Cecilia Benedetto-Leicht, "An Open Letter to Alcoholism," February 1983

Document 11P: "Announcements," February 1983

Document 12: Mildred Tudy, excerpt from Metropolitan Avenue, 1985

Document 13: Jan Peterson and Ethel Velez, excerpt from Partnership in East Harlem: James Weldon Johnson Houses and the NCNW, ca. late 1980s

Document 14: Rosemary Jackson, interview with Tamar Carroll and Martha Ackelsberg, 20 February 2004

Document 15: Sally Martino Fisher, interview with Tamar Carroll and Martha Ackelsberg, 23 March 2004

Document 16: Ethel Velez, interview with Tamar Carroll and Martha Ackelsberg, 30 March 2004



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