How Did Feminism Contribute to the Transformation of Radical Theater in the United States, 1966-1983?

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Document 1A: R.G. Davis, "Radical, Independent, Chaotic, Anarchie Theatre vs. Institutional, University, Little, Commercial, Ford and Stock Theatres," 1964

Document 1B: Shirley Chisholm, Report from Albany, April 1965

Document 1C: Joan Holden, "Comedy and Revolution," 1969

JOIN and Theater Activities in an Appalachian Migrant Community in Chicago's Northside, 1966-67

Document 2: "Chicago: JOIN Project," Summer 1965

Document 3: Melody James, excerpts of interview with Thomas Dublin, 15 December 2006

Document 4: Ruth Anderson, "Trio Nabbed at JOIN; Seize Narcotics in Raid," 4 September 1966

Document 5: Harry Golden, Jr., "Raid a 'Frame,' JOIN Aides Charge," 3 September 1966

Document 6A: Flyer, "Why we were framed...," September 1966

Document 6B: Flyer, "People's Voices Too Strong for Police!!!" September 1966

Document 7A: Melody James, "JOIN Theatre Project: Ensemble Playing for an Ensemble Struggle," 27 January 1967

Document 7B: "Welfare to the Rescue," JOIN Play script, n.d.

Document 7C: "JOIN Community Union's People's Theatre," flyer, Spring 1967

Document 8: Ellen Elizabeth Estrin and Michael B. Folsom, "Radical Theater...Who Does It Speak to?" May 1967

Document 9: Michael James, "Remembering JOIN Community Union," Summer 2005

San Francisco State College, Antiwar Agitation, the Strike and Radical Theater during the Strike, May 1968- March 1969

Document 10A: Karen Jo Koonan, "Agit-Prop Shakes Up Students," July 1968

Document 10B: City College Times, "Editor's Note," 15 May 1968

Document 11A: Margaret Leahy, "On Strike! We're Gonna Shut It Down: The 1968-69 San Francisco State Strike," 2011

Document 12: Melody James and other members of the Drama Department, "AGIT-PROP," 1969

Document 13A: Jose Carrillo, "Open Letter to the Drama Strike Caucus," 17 January 1969

Document 13B: "Open Letter to Those who Feel the Need to Re-Write History," 20 January 1969.

Document 14: "An Evening of Radical Theatre and Film," press release, 29 January 1969

Document 15: "Questions for all Drama Students," n.d.

Document 16A: "Rebellion," program, Spring 1969

Document 16B: Melody James and Andrea Snow, "Rebellion," play script, 1968 & 1969

Document 16C: Excerpt, interview with Melody James, 3 March 2007

Document 16D: Audio file of "Rebellion," Spring 1969

Document 17: "If you're not aware of what's happening around you, you shouldn't be in theatre," January 1969

Document 18: Protest songs, San Francisco State strike, 1969

San Francisco Mime Troupe, I: 1968-1970

Document 19: Melody James, excerpts of interviews with Thomas Dublin, 15 and 16 December 2006

Document 20A: "Radical festival this week," San Francisco State Daily Gater, 23 September 1968

Document 20B: "Festival off to a big start, San Francisco State Daily Gater, 26 September 1968

Document 20C: Juris Svendsen, R.G. Davis, Peter Schumann, Luis Valdez, Panel Discussion on Radical Theatre, September 1968

Document 21: David.Kolodney, "San Francisco Mime Troupe: Ripping Off Ma Bell," August 1970

Document 22: Melody James, excerpt of interview with Thomas Dublin, 16 December 2006

Document 23: Joan Holden, The Independent Female (or, A Man Has His Pride), December 1970

Document 24: San Francisco Mime Troupe, Songs, 1970-71

Document 25A: Sandra Archer, Thoughts on Becoming a Collective, 1969

Document 25B: R.G. Davis, "Rethinking Guerrilla Theatre: 1971"

The Women's Street Theater, 1970-1972

Document 26A: Front and Back Covers, "the women's street theater," ca. 1970

Document 26B: Women's Street Theater, Instructions on Use and Building of a Cranky, ca. 1970

Document 26C: Jane Norling, Images for "History of Women" Cranky, ca. 1970

Document 26D: "History of Women" Cranky Script, ca. 1970

Document 27: Beverly Koch, "Liberated Women Take Up the Arts," 2 February 1971

San Francisco Mime Troupe, II: 1972-1980

Document 28: "San Francisco Mime Troupe Interview," 1974

Document 29: Melody James, excerpt of interview with Cameron Mackenzie, "On the History and Methods of the San Francisco Mime Troupe," August 1976

Document 30: Mary Radke, "Artists—like Workers—are Being Robbed," 29 October 1973

Document 31A: Excerpts from Bertolt Brecht," The Mother," August 1974

Document 31B: Mel Gordon, "The San Francisco Mime Troupe's 'The Mother,'" June 1975

Document 32A: San Francisco Mime Troupe, False Promises/Nos Engañaron, program, 1976

Document 32B: Theodore Shank, "The San Francisco Mime Troupe Commemorates the Bicentennial with False Promises/Nos Engañaron," 1976

La Lucha Continua—After the Mime Troupe

Document 33A: Program, Canaries and Sitting Ducks: Based on Stories from Love Canal, 1982

Document 33B: Melody James, Canaries and Sitting Ducks: Based on Stories from Love Canal, a play in twelve scenes, 1982

Document 33C: John Flautz, "'Canaries:' Questions without answers," 6 February 1983



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