Women and Social Movements, International—1840 to Present

Women and Social Movements, International—1840 to Present is a new digital archive that offers documents generated by women's international activism since the middle of the nineteenth century. This online archive offers 150,000 page of printed and manuscript materials. Building upon a decade's experience with Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000, we began work on this new archive in 2008. We assembled an editorial advisory board that met at the June 2008 Berkshire Conference on Women's History at the University of Minnesota. Board members helped conceptualize the project and in the fall and winter of 2008-2009, they responded to a preliminary bibliography of possible publications and manuscripts to be included. We published the first section of the archive in January 2011, with additions coming regularly over the next two and a half years. The archive is available to academic libraries around the world by purchase or subscription and will eventually be fully integrated into the other resources currently available on Women and Social Movements in the United States.

This resource offers unprecedented access to the study of women's participation in international politics and social movements, 1840-2010. The long time span will greatly enhance our understanding of how women have shaped the modern world.

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Seated – Left to Right:
1. Ann Wilson
2. Jo Butterfield
3. Megan Threlkeld
4. Maggie McFadden
5. Eileen Boris
6. Sheri Barnes
7. Joyce Antler
8. Jane Hunter
9. Carol Faulkner
10. Noriko Ishii

Standing – Left to Right
1. Denise Ireton
2. Jennifer Tomas
3. Mary Beth Norton
4. Kathleen Laughlin
5. Sue Wamsley
6. Joan Sangster
7. Carol Kolmerten
8. Jeanne Petit
9. Mary Renda
10. Yuko Takahashi
11. Leigh Ann Wheeler
12. Tiffany Ruby Patterson
13. Cynthia Enloe
14. Kitty Sklar
15. Tom Dublin
16. Elisabeth Perry
17. Francesca de Haan
18. Marjorie Spruill
19. Ruth Rosen
20. Jennifer Frost
21. Karen Offen
22. Connie Shemo
23. Stephen Rhind-Tutt
24. Linda Janke
25. Silke Neunsinger

Not in picture, but attended dinner:
Laura Campbell
Arvonne Fraser
Stephanie Gilmore
Linda Janke
Erika Kuhlman
Anne Rapp
Emily Rosenberg
Benita Roth
Vivien Hart

Also serving on editorial board:
Elisa Camiscioli
Ellen DuBois
Mary Henold
Maria Jaschok
Kathi Kern
Rui Kohiyama
Grace Leslie

Stephanie Limoncelli
Katherine Merino

Claire Moses
Barbara Reeves-Ellington
Leila Rupp


After initially constituting our editorial board at the June 2008 meeting of the Berkshire Conference on Women’s History in Minneapolis, we attended a second major international women’s history conference at the Aletta Institute in Amsterdam in August 2010.  There we made our first presentation on the database-in-progress, 4 ½ months before the database launched on the web.  We took that occasion to expand our editorial advisory board dramatically.  The board now numbers some 130 scholars from 30 countries, whose advice in the final stages of the work was crucial to the shape of the completed database.  For a listing of members of the international advisory board, click here.

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