How Did Women Antifeminists Shape and Limit
the Social Reform Movements of the 1920s?

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Document 1: Margaret C. Robinson, "Have You Time to Save Your Country?" 18 May 1918

Document 2: "Plan Blow at Suffragists," 8 February 1919

Document 3: Katharine T. Balch, "To Readers of The Woman Patriot," 15 November 1921

Document 4: Statement of Mrs. Ruben Ross Holloway, 1924

Document 5: Statement of Miss Mary G. Kilbreth, 1924

Document 6: "Are Women's Clubs 'Used' by Bolshevists?" 15 March 1924

Document 7: Petition of the Woman Patriot Publishing Company in opposition to the Child Labor Amendment, 31 May 1924

Document 8: Handbill of the National Child Labor Committee, [1924]

Document 9: Cartoon, "Under the Twentieth Amendment," [1924]

Document 10: Margaret C. Robinson, "The Responsibility of Being Led," 23 May 1925

Document 11: Letter from Marcus C. Fagg to Katharine F. Lenroot, 27 May 1925

Document 12: "Maternity and Infancy Act," Congressional Record-Senate, 3 July 1926.

Document 13: Minutes of the Conference on the Relation of the A.A.U.W. to Other Organizations, 1927

Document 14: "Mrs. Sherman Vigorously Denies False and Malicious Charges Now Being Hurled at the Children's Bureau," June 1927

Document 15: "Summary of Report of Special Committee," 1928

Document 16: Mary Anderson and Mary Winslow, Woman at Work: The Autobiography of Mary Anderson, 1951



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