How Did Gender and Class Shape the Age of Consent Campaign
Within the Social Purity Movement, 1886-1914?

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Document 1: Aaron M. Powell, "Legal Protection for Young Girls," January 1886

Document 2: Aaron M. Powell, "The Moral Elevation of Girls," February 1886

Document 3: "The International Traffic in Girls," June 1886

Document 4: "The Age of Consent," June 1886

Document 5: "Protection of Girlhood," October 1886

Document 6: Josephine E. Butler, "The Double Standard of Morality," October 1886

Document 7: Frances E. Willard, "Social Purity Work for 1887," January 1887

Document 8: Bessie V. Cushman, "Another Maiden Tribute," February 1887

Document 9: Petition of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union for the Protection of Women, 1888

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Document 10: "Seduction a Felony," September 1888

Document 11: Helen Campbell, "Poverty and Vice," May 1890

Document 12: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "Preface," to Pray You Sir, Whose Daughter, 1892

Document 13: Helen H. Gardener, "What Shall the Age of Consent Be?" January 1895

Document 14: Emily Blackwell, "Age of Consent Legislation," February 1895

Document 15: Helen Campbell, "Why an Age of Consent?" April 1895

Document 16: Helen H. Gardener, "A Battle for Sound Morality, or the History of Recent Age-of-Consent Legislation in the United States," August 1895

Document 17: "The Case of Maria Barberi," August 1895

Document 18: "The National Colored Woman's Congress," January 1896

Document 19: Aaron M. Powell, "The President's Opening Address," National Purity Congress, 1896

Document 20: Rev. J.B. Welty, "The Need of White Cross Work," 1896

Document 21: Anna L. Ballard, Danger to Our Girls, 1900

Document 22: Stanley W. Finch, The White Slave Traffic, 1912

Document 23: Robert A. Woods and Albert J. Kennedy, "The Morality of Sex," 1913

Document 24: Louise de Koven Bowen, "Legal Protection in Industry," 1914



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