September 2017

News from the Archives provides readers with news concerning U.S. Women's History from archives and repositories with collections and projects of interest. If you are affiliated with an archive or repository and would like to submit an announcement that you feel would be of interest to our readers, please contact Tanya Zanish-Belcher at

Archives for Research on Women and Gender (Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA)
Activist Women Oral History Project: About the Activist Women Oral History Project

The Activist Women Oral History Project was established in 2006, and forms part of the Archives for Research and Gender. This project is broad in scope, and the subject matter includes domestic violence, women's health and reproductive justice, politics, policy making and the law, child sex trafficking, philanthropy, community activism, art and culture, equality in the workplace, civil rights, and LGBTQ activism.

Organized alphabetically by name, the entries for each oral history include biographical information and an abstract describing the topics discussed in the interview.

University of Wisconsin Libraries Research Guides (Madison, WI)
Women's History Research in Archives: Women's Archives

This LibGuide provides links, organized geographically, to women's archives in the U.S. and internationally. For further information, please contact librarian Karla Strand,

Women and Leadership Archives (Loyola University, Chicago, IL): Women's Archives Mapping Project

This directory covers women's archives throughout the U.S., organized alphabetically. Included are a title, the home repository, address, web site and e-mail information, as well as short description.

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