How Did Black and White Southern Women
Campaign to End Lynching, 1890-1942?

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Document 1: Abel Meeropol, "Strange Fruit," 1939.


Early African-American Women's
Activism Against Lynching

Document 2: Frances E. W. Harper, "Duty to Dependent Races," 1892

Document 3: Excerpts from Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in all Its Phases, 1892

Document 4: Excerpts from Ida B. Wells, A Red Record, 1895

Document 5A: Thomas Nelson Page, "The Lynching of Negroes: Its Cause and its Prevention," January 1904

Document 5B: Mary Church Terrell, "Lynching from a Negro's Point of View," June 1904

Document 6: Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Speech Given at the Women's Interracial Conference, 8 October 1920

Document 7: "Southern Negro Women and Race Co-Operation," June 1921


Accounts Of Lynching

Document 8: "Gang Kills Negro After Taking Him From Officer," Tampa Morning Tribune, 31 January 1934

Document 9: "The Marianna, Florida, Lynching," 26 November 1934


Association Of Southern Women For
The Prevention Of Lynching

Document 10: History of Anti-Lynching Movement, 1 November 1930

Document 11: Jessie Daniel Ames to Mrs. J. L. Brock, 6 October 1931

Document 12: M. E. Tilly to Jessie Daniel Ames, 10 October 1931

Document 13: Jessie Daniel Ames to Members of ASWPL, 3 November 1931

Document 14: "Suggested Points in Presenting Purposes of A.S.W.P.L.," [1931]

Document 15: "Ultimate Objectives of the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching," 1936

Document 16: Jessie Daniel Ames, "Southern Women and Lynching," October 1936

Document 17: "What is the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching?" December 1936

Document 18: Excerpts from With Quietness They Work, 1938

Document 19: Southern Women's Religious Organizations' Reports to the ASWPL

Document 20: Lewis T. Nordyke, "Ladies and Lynchings," November 1939

Document 21: Jessie Daniel Ames, "Introduction," The Changing Character of Lynching, July 1942

Document 22: Daniel Whitehead Hickey, "Dark Justice," February 1942




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