From Wollstonecraft to Mill: What British and European Ideas and Social Movements
Influenced the Emergence of Feminism in the Atlantic World, 1792-1869?

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Document 1: Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, 1792

Document 2A: Charles Fourier, "Social Evolution," 1829

Document 2B: Charles Fourier, "Degradation of Women in Civilization," 1808

Document 2C: Charles Fourier, "The Phalanstery," compilations from 1808-1851

Document 2D: Charles Fourier, "Of the Vices of Civilization," 1822

Document 3A: Frances Wright, "Letter XXIII: Condition of Women," March 1820

Documents 3B: Frances Wright, "On the Nature of Knowledge," 1834

Document 4: William Thompson and Anna Wheeler, Appeal of One Half the Human Race, Women, Against the Pretensions of the Other Half, Men, 1825

Document 5: "Jeanne-Victoire," "Appel aux femmes" (Appeal to Women), Le Femme Libre, 1832

Document 6: George Sand, Indiana, 1832

Document 7: Harriet Martineau, The Martyr Age of the United States, 1839

Document 8: Flora Tristan, "Prostitutes," Promenades in London, 1840

Document 9: Catherine Barmby, "The Demand for the Emancipation of Woman, Politically and Socially," 1843

Document 10A: Jeanne Deroin, "Aux Citoyens Français!" 1848

Document 10B: Jeanne Deroin, "Mission de la Femme dans le Present et dans I'Avenir" (Woman's Mission in the Present and Future), 1849

Document 11A: Anne Knight, "Au Pasteur Coquerel" (To Pastor Coquerel), 1848

Document 11B: Anne Knight, "Décret sur les Clubs" (Decree on Clubs), 1848

Document 11C: Anne Knight, "Rapport par le Citroyen Anthanase Coquerel" (Report in the Decree of Clubs by Citizen Anthanase Coquerel), 1848

Document 12: Louise Otto, "Program," 21 April 1849

Document 13: Jeanne Deroin and Pauline Roland, "Letter to the Convention of the Women of America," 15 June 1851

Document 14: Ernestine Rose, A Lecture on Women's Rights, 19 October 1851

Document 15: Harriet Taylor Mill, Enfranchisement of Women, 1851

Document 16A: Fredrika Bremer, The Homes of the New World, 1853

Document 16B: Fredrika Bremer, Hertha, 1855

Document 17A: Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon, Laws Concerning Women, 1854

Document 17B: Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon, An American Diary, 1857-58

Document 18A: Jenny d'Héricourt, A Woman's Philosophy of Woman, or Woman Affranchised, 1860

Document 18B: Jenny d'Héricourt, History of Woman Suffrage, 1869

Document 19: Mathilde Franziska Anneke, Debates at the American Equal Rights Association Meeting, 12-14 May 1869

Document 20: John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women, 1869



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