How Did Rank and File Women Construct the "New Negro Woman" within
the Universal Negro Improvement Association in the 1920s?

Document List



Document 1: Saydee E. Parham, "The New Woman," Negro World, 2 February 1924

Document 2:"Suggestions to Housewives," Negro World, 29 March 1924

Document 3: Eunice Lewis, "The Black Woman's Part in Race Leadership," Negro World, 19 April 1924

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Document 4B: Saydee E. Parham, "Women Legislate for Better Living Conditions," Negro World, 14 June 1924

Document 4C: Rev. George Emonei Carter, "Will Women Neglect Race Propagation for Public Life?" Negro World, 14 June 1924

Document 4D: Marion L. Wallace, "Home Should Be Considered Before Political Jobs," Negro World, 14 June 1924

Document 5: Matilda Ingleton, "Four Essential Qualities in a Negro Woman," Negro World, 2 August 1924

Document 6: Katherine Austin, "What Makes a Good Woman," Negro World, 16 August 1924

Document 7: "It's Up to You!" Negro World, 13 September 1924

Document 8: Blanche Hall, "Woman's Greatest Influence is Socially," Negro World, 4 October 1924

Document 9: Mabel Douglas, "Emancipated Womanhood," Negro World, 15 November 1924

Document 10: Saydee E. Parham, "Women's Part in Building Nationhood," Negro World, 22 November 1924

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Document 12: V.W., "Woman Should Make the Most of Her Larger Opportunities," Negro World, 20 December 1924

Document 13: "Woman as Man's Helper," Negro World, 28 February 1925

Document 14: Amelia Sayers Alexander, "A Brave Man Betrayed," Negro World, 14 March 1925

Document 15: "Dame Fashion," Negro World, 4 April 1925

Document 16: V.W., "Are You Tired of Housework?" Negro World, 4 April 1925

Document 17: Eva Aldred-Brooks, "An Appeal For Race Solidarity," Negro World, 4 July 1925

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Document 19: [Amy Jacques Garvey], "Women as Leaders Nationally and Racially," Negro World, 24 October 1925

Document 20: Louise J. Edwards, "The New Day Appears," Negro World, 12 June 1926

Document 21: [Amy Jacques Garvey], "Acquit Yourselves Like Men!" Negro World, 30 April 1927



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