How Did Carrie Chapman Catt and Aletta Jacobs Interpret and Cope with Deep
Differences among Women during Their 1911-12 Journey through Africa and Asia?

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Document 1: "New York's Welcome to Dr. Aletta Jacobs," 24 December 1904

Document 2: Program and menu for the luncheon at New York's Astor Hotel on December 17, 1904, arranged by Carrie Chapman Catt for Aletta Jacobs and her husband Carel Victor Gerritsen

Document 3: "Funeral of Mr. Catt: Simple Service for Husband of Woman Suffrage Leader," New-York Tribune, Oct. 11, 1905, p. 5

Document 4: Entry for Carel Victor Gerritsen, husband of Aletta Jacobs, in Biografisch Woordenboek van het Socialisme en de Arbeidersbeweging in Nederland, 1960

Document 5A: Cover page of A Hét, 1906

Document 5B: "Conversation with the Feminist Apostles," 1906

Document 6A: Anna Howard Shaw to Aletta Jacobs, 18 March 1911

Document 6B: Anna Howard Shaw to Aletta Jacobs, 7 April 1911

Document 7A: Notice of Suffrage Meeting, Cape Times, 10 August 1911

Document 7B: "Voteless Women—City Hall Meeting—Oversea Visitors' Addresses," 11 August 1911

Document 7C: Photograph, Catt and Jacobs with some of the women who welcomed them to Capetown, South Africa when they arrived, August 1911

Document 7D: Carrie Chapman Catt and Aletta Jacobs in Cape Town, South Africa, August 1911

Document 8: Aletta Jacobs, "Travel letter" from Johannesburg, South Africa, 15 October 1911

Document 9: "Native Women: A Notable Conference," 21 October 1911

Document 10: Olive Schreiner to Aletta Jacobs, September 1911

Document 11: Carrie Chapman Catt, Diary Excerpt, 1911

Document 12: Carrie Chapman Catt, "A Glimpse of Gandhi," 25 March 1922

Document 13A: Excerpt of overview of South African trip of Carrie Chapman Catt and Aletta Jacobs, Leselinyana, 5 October 1911

Document 13B: Excerpt of coverage of a Johannesburg meeting of Carrie Chapman Catt and Aletta Jacobs, Leselinyana, 19 October 2011

Document 14A: "Women's Suffrage. Meeting Last Night," Natal Mercury, 18 October 1911

Document 14B: "Women's Enfranchisement," Natal Mercury, 18 October 1911

Document 14C: "Women's Suffrage. Town Hall Meeting. Speech by Mrs. Catt." Natal Mercury, 19 October 1911

Document 15A: Carrie Chapman Catt, "A Suffrage Tour of South Africa," part 1, 9 December 1911

Document 15B: Carrie Chapman Catt, "A Suffrage Tour of South Africa," part 2, 16 December 1911

Document 15C: Carrie Chapman Catt, "South Africa," December 1911

Document 16: Carrie Chapman Catt, "The New China," 5 October 1912

Document 17: Aletta Jacobs, Letter VII from China, 1912

Document 18A: Excerpt, "Mrs. Catt Is Told of Suffrage Movement," 3 September 1912

Document 18B: "Mrs. Catt Tell[s] History of Suffragist Movement," 4 September 1912

Document 18C: "Mrs. Catt Urges Suffragists to Keep Up Fight for Votes," 5 September 1912

Document 18D: "Woman Suffrage: Interesting Lecture by Mrs. Catt," 4 September 1912

Document 19: Photograph, banner from a Chinese women's organization, International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) conference, Budapest, June 1913

Document 20: Aletta Jacobs's train ticket, Vladivostock to Amsterdam, 11 October 1912

Document 21: Carrie Chapman Catt, "President's address," IWSA conference, Budapest, 15 June 1913

Document 22A: Photograph, April 1915 Women's Peace Conference, The Hague

Document 22B: Photograph, Carrie Chapman Catt with bouquet after U.S. women got the vote, 1920

Document Appendix 1: Harriet Feinberg, "Colonies but Not Colonialism: A Dutch Feminist in 1911 Palestine," December 2013

Document Appendis 2: Aletta Jacobs, "In Palestina," 1911

Document Appendix 3: Zionist, Letter to the Editor, De Telegraaf, 17 December 1911

Document Appendix 4: Aletta Jacobs, Response to a letter by "Zionist," 1912



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