How Did Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City
Forge a Successful Class-Based Coalition during the 1982 Contract Dispute?

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Document 1: "Problems Garment Workers Face – Chinatown Women at the Forum Held by This Press (section 2)," 16 March 1977

Document 2: "My Impression of the Garment Shop," 8 June 1977

Document 3: Excerpt from Shiree Teng, "Women, Community and Equality: Three Garment Workers Speak Out," Spring/Summer, 1983

Document 4: Excerpt from "The Association of New York's Chinese Employers of the Garment Industry Publicized its Initial Demands for the New Contract," 8 May 1982

Document 5: Helen Burggraf, "Sportswear Firms, Union Agree on 3-year Contract," 28 May 1982

Document 6: "Protest the 3-year Contract Negotiations for Ignoring Chinese Shop Owners' Interest," 31 May 1982

Document 7: Helen Burggraf, "Chinatown Firms Claim Recent Talks Bypassed Them," 10 June 1982

Document 8: "Veto the Western Association's Compromising Intention to Sign the Contract," 12 June 1982

Document 9: Helen Burggraf, "Shops Pushed on Sportswear Pact," 15 June 1982

Document 10: Excerpt from "A Group of Chinatown Women Garment Workers Wrote to Urge the Employers to Sign the Contract as Soon as Possible," 16 June 1982

Document 11: "The Chinese Staff and Workers' Association Wrote to Analyze the Issue of the Garment Shops' Contract," 24 June 1982

Document 12: "Call on the Uptown Manufacturers for Facing Chinese Employers' Demands," 28 June 1982

Document 13: Ruth Milkman, "Organizing Immigrant Women in New York's Chinatown: An Interview with Katie Quan," 1993

Document 14: "The Phone Banks," 1982

Document 15: Paul La Rosa, "Thousands in Chinatown Hail New Contract in Garment Shops," 25 June 1982

Document 16: Excerpt from "Ten Thousand People Gathered at Columbus Park to Firmly Defend the Union New Contract," 26 June 1982

Document 17: "The Chinese Shop Owners Formed Organizational Institutions to Resist," 8 July 1982

Document 18: "Twelve Non-Profit Service Organizations Call on Concerned Individuals to Sign the New 3-year Contract of the Garment Industry as soon as they can," 15 July 1982

Document 19: "Columbus Park on July 15," 1982

Document 20: "We are One," 1982

Document 21: "Shui Mak Ka Speaking at the Rally," 15 July 1982

Document 22: "Alice Ip Speaking at the Rally," 15 July 1982

Document 23: "Lily Moy Speaking at the Rally," 15 July 1982

Document 24: "The March," 15 July 1982

Document 25: "Having Received a Number of Workers' Letters over the Past Few Days Asserting that they Rely on Garment Shops and Wish that the Employers Could Sign the New Contract as soon as Possible," 17 July 1982

Document 26: "The Posters," 1982

Document 27: "Rally Speakers Captured Workers' Militant Spirit," August 1982

Document 28: "Worker Unity Wins Contract Fight," August 1982

Document 29: "Highlights of the New Contract," August 1982

Document 30: "They're Spreading the Union Message," August 1982

Document 31: Seth Mydans, "Children of Chinatown Get a Day-Care Center," 17 January 1984

Document 32: "Children in the Chinatown Day Care Center," c. 1984

Document 33: "The Chinese Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) at the Labor Day Parade, 1988"

Document 34: "Local 23-25 Delegates at the First National Convention of the Asian-Pacific American Labor Association, 1993"



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