How Did Feminism Contribute to the Transformation of Radical Theater in the United States, 1966-1983?

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Document 1A: Shirley Chisholm, Report from Albany, March 1965

Document 1B: Shirley Chisholm, Report from Albany, April 1965

Document 2A: Assembly Bill #1932, 1965

Document 2B: Assembly Bill #1250, 1967.

Document 2C: Assembly Bill #2558, 1965

Document 2D: Assembly Bill #3603, Education Law, 17 May 1965

Document 3A: Assembly Bill #A2568, 1967

Document 3B: Press Release regarding the National Organization for Women's two proposals to the State Constitutional Convention. April 4, 1967

Document 3C: Letter, Jean Faust, to NY State Constitutional Convention delegates, 18 April 1967

Document 3D: Letter, Jean Faust to Hulan Jack, 25 May 1967

Document 4: Flyer for Shirley Chisholm's primary campaign for Congress, June 1968

Document 5: Daphne Sheppard, "Chisholm Overwhelms Farmer in House Race," 9 November 1968

Document 6: Shirley Chisholm, "Equal Rights for Women," 21 May 1969

Document 7: Shirley Chisholm, "A Visiting Feminine Eye: I'd Rather Be Black Than Female," August 1970

Document 8A: Shirley Chisholm, Press Release, 29 September 1969

Document 8B: Shirley Chisholm, "Abortion and Population Control," 11 December 1969

Document 8C: Shirley Chisholm, Dear Legislator Letter, March 1970

Document 8D: Shirley Chisholm, "Facing the Abortion Question," 1970

Document 9A: Shirley Chisholm, Statement regarding the Comprehensive Child Development Act of 1971, 17 May 1971

Document 9B: Shirley Chisholm, "Black Caucus Member Shirley Chisholm Attacks Administration Day Care Stand," 5 November 1971

Document 9C: Shirley Chisholm, "Statement on the Proposed 'Flat-Grant System of Payments,'" 21 August 1972

Document 10: Shirley Chisholm, "Economic Justice for Women," 12 July 1971

Document 11A: Fred Harris, "Women's Political Caucus," 12 July 1971

Document 11B: "Woman President? It's No Joke, Bub," 17 July 1971

Document 12: Shirley Chisholm, "Black Women in Politics," 24 July 1973

Document 13: Shirley Chisholm, "Statement of Candidacy for the Office of President of the United States," 25 January 1972

Document 14A: Shirley Chisholm, Presidential Campaign Position Paper, 1972

Document 14B: Shirley Chisholm, "Justice in America: Gun control, Drug Abuse, Court, Police, Prison reform, Political and Civil Dissent," 1972

Document 14C: Shirley Chisholm, "Our Environment," 1972

Document 14D: Shirley Chisholm, "Housing," 1972

Document 15: Shirley Chisholm, "Is it Worth It for Women?" October 1972

Document 16: Shirley Chisholm, Excerpt from The Good Fight, 1973

Document 17: "Widening Rights Issue: Chisholm's Challenge to Women"

Document 18: Shirley Chisholm, "A Way Out of the Poverty Mess: A Full Day's Wage for a Full Day's Labor"

Document 19A: Shirley Chisholm, "The Women's Educational Equity Act," Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Equal Opportunities of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, 25 July 1973

Document 19B: Shirley Chisholm, "The Academic Implications of the Women's Movement", 21 May 1975

Document 19C: "Shirley Chisholm defends Title IX," 17 June 1977

Document 20: Shirley Chisholm, "Remarks on the Amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964," 18 July 1978

Document 21: Excerpt from letter, Melody Murphy to Shirley Chisholm, 19 April 1983



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