How Did the General Federation of Women's Clubs Shape Women's Involvement
in the Conservation Movement, 1900-1930?

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Early Conservation Efforts

Document 1: Lydia Adams-Williams, "Forestry," October 1905

Document 2: "A Forestry Program," October 1905

Document 3: Cora C. Stuart Jones, "Women in Municipal Housekeeping," November 1905

Document 4: Cora C. Stuart Jones, "The Committee on Forestry to Presidents of Clubs," December 1905

Document 5: Olive Rand Clarke, "Forestry Report," 1905-1906

Document 6: "Vermont Federation," June 1907

Document 7: Mary Gage Peterson, "Nature Lover's Creed," April 1908

Document 8: Lydia Adams-Williams, "Conservation – Woman's Work," 1908

Document 9: Grace H. Thompson, "Report of the Forestry Committee," 1909-1910

Document 10: "Forestry in New Jersey," May 1910


National Efforts of the General Federation of Women's Clubs

Document 11: Jessie Bryant Gerard, "Save the Hetch-Hetchy Valley," November 1909

Document 12: Jessie Bryant Gerard, "A Word on Forestry, To the Club Women of the General Federation," February 1910

Document 13: Frances Drewry McMullen, "The National Park Lady," 17 May 1924


State Efforts

Document 14: Mrs. C. Tabor Gates, "The Forest Situation in New Hampshire: A Challenge to our Leadership," November 1924

Document 15: General Federation of Women's Clubs Pamphlet, 1925-1926

Document 16: Mrs. J. W. Orr, "The Story of the Calaveras Grove," 1927

Document 17A: G. H. Kelley, "Florida's Forest Problem," March 1927

Document 17B: "Government Expert to Tour State in Interest Forest Conservation," March 1927


A Successful State Effort: Franconia Notch

Document 18: Letter from Alta McDuffee to Vella Winner, 19 November 1927

Document 19: Letter from Josephine Skolfield to Alta McDuffee, 28 December 1927

Document 20: Alta McDuffee, "Franconia Notch in Danger," January 1928

Document 21: Lula J. A. Morris, Address at the Dedication of Franconia Notch, 15 September 1928



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