How Did Diverse Activists Shape the
Dress Reform Movement, 1838-1881?

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Origins and Growth

Document 1: Sarah M. Grimké, "Letter IX: Dress of Women," 1838.

Document 2: Catharine Beecher, Letters to the People on Health and Happiness, 1855.



Dress Reform and the Water Cure

Document 3: M. L. Shew, Water-Cure for Ladies, 1844.

Document 4: Rachel Brown Gleason, "Woman's Dress," February 1851.

Document 5: Theodosia Gilbert, "An Eye Sore," May 1851.

Document 6: Mrs. E. Potter, "Dress Reform: Is It Duty?" April 1853.

Document 7: Mattie, "A Parody," June 1853.

Document 8: Harriet N. Austin, "Woman's Present and Future," September 1853.

Document 9: Harriet N. Austin, "Thoughts in Spare Minutes," May 1857.



The Lily

Document 10: Amelia Bloomer, "Mrs. Kemble and Her New Costume," December 1849.

Document 11: Amelia Bloomer, "Female Attire," February 1851.

Document 12: Amelia Bloomer, "Female Attire," March 1851.

Document 13: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "Our Costume," April 1851.

Document 14: "Short Dresses," April 1851.

Document 15: "Correspondence," June 1851.

Document 16: Amelia Bloomer, Untitled article, June 1851.

Document 17: Amelia Bloomer, "Who are the Leaders?" June 1851.

Document 18: Lucretia Mott, "The New Costume," September 1851.

Document 19: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "The New Dress," April 1852.

Document 20: Amelia Bloomer, "Dress Reform," March 1853



The Oneida Community

Document 21: "Short Dresses," and "Change in Hair-Dressing," 1849.

Document 22: John H. Noyes, "Heroism of Community Women," May 1865.

Document 23: "The Short Dress. Its Materials - How It Is Made - Under-Clothing - Quantity Used - Etc., Etc.," January 1870.



Reflections on the Dress Reform Movement

Document 24: "Reminiscences by E. C. S.," 1881.

Document 25: Gerrit Smith to Elizabeth C. Stanton, 1 December 1855, [1881].

Document 26: Mrs. Stanton's Reply to Gerrit Smith, 1881.

Document 27: Frances D. Gage's Reply to Gerrit Smith, 1881.

Document 28: Elizabeth Smith Miller, "Reflections on Woman's Dress, and the Record of a Personal Experience," September 1892.




Image 1: Amelia Bloomer

Image 2: The Lily

Image 3: The Lily, Masthead

Image 4: "Summer Fashions: Turkish Costume," July 1851

Image 5: Images of the Bloomer Costume





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