What Factors Led to the Success of the Historic 1970 Sexual Discrimination Complaint
Filed against the University of Michigan?

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Document 1: "American Women: Report of the President's Commission on the Status of Women," 1963

Document 2: Lyndon B. Johnson, Executive Order 11375, 13 October 1967

Document 3: Bernice Sandler to Professor Eric F. Goldman, 25 February 1976

Document 4: Bernice R. Sandler, "'Too Strong for a Woman'--The Five Words that Created Title IX," Spring 1997


Document 5: William Haber to Allan F. Smith, 22 March 1968

Document 6: Kathleen Shortridge, "Women as University Nigger; Or, How a Young Female Student Sought Sexual Justice at the 'U' and Couldn't Find It Anywhere." 12 April 1970

Document 7: Jean L. King and Mary N. Yourd to Mr. George P. Shultz, 27 May 1970

Document 8: Jean Ledwith King to Kate Soper, 12 December 1999

Document 9: Elizabeth Douvan, interview by Elizabeth Duell, 20 December 1999

Document 10: "Probe Notes 6-16-70," 16 June 1970

Document 11A: Mary Maples Dunn to President Robben Fleming, 10 July 1970

Document 11B: R.W. Fleming to Professor Mary Maples Dunn, 16 July 1970

Document 12: Bruce Currie, "U-M's Fleming Guardedly Optimistic About New Year," 30 August 1970

Document 13A: Don F. Scott to Robben W. Fleming, 6 October 1970, plus Exhibits

Document 13B: R.W. Fleming to Don F. Scott, 7 October 1970

Document 13C: Don F. Scott to Robben W. Fleming, 22 October 1970

Document 14A: University of Michigan Press Release, 13 October 1970

Document 14B: "Representation of Women, Minorities in Top Jobs Up," 15 October 1970

Document 14C: Jean L. King and Mary Yourd to President Robben Fleming, 16 October 1970

Document 14D: R.W. Fleming to Mrs. John C. King and Mrs. Kenneth L. Yourd, 19 October 1970

Document 14E: PROBE into the Status of Women at The University of Michigan to All University Women, Memorandum, 6 November 1970

Document 15: B.W. Newell to R.W. Fleming, 13 October 1970

Document 16: R.W. Fleming to Chancellor Edwin Young, 14 October 1970

Document 17A: R.W. Fleming to Ralph K. Huitt, 14 October 1970

Document 17B: Ralph K. Huitt to President Robben W. Fleming, 30 October 1970

Document 18: Jean W. Campbell (Mrs. Angus) to President Robben Fleming, 1 October 1970

Document 19: Keith Evans and E.C. Hayes to C.M. Allmand and R.W. Reister, 29 October 1970

Document 20A: The Sunday Night Group to Robben W. Fleming, ca. 25 October 1970

Document 20B: Robben W. Fleming to James Brinkerhoff, ca. 26 October 1970

Document 21A: Gloria E. Gladman to President R. Fleming, 31 October 1970

Document 21B: R.W. Fleming to Miss Gloria E. Gladman, 4 November 1970

Document 22: Marcia Federbush to President Robben W. Fleming, 5 December 1970

Document 23: Excerpts of telegram, Donald F. Scott to R.W. Fleming, 5 December 1970

Document 24: R.W. Fleming to The Executive Officers, 7 December 1970

Document 25: R.W. Fleming to Mr. Don F. Scott, 8 December 1970

Document 26: R.W. Fleming to Secretary Richardson, 8 December 1970

Document 27: Gerhard L. Weinberg to Robben W. Fleming, 10 December 1970

Document 28: Transcript, PROBE Research Committee Meeting with Mr. Charles Allmand and Dr. William Cash, 14 December 1970

Document 29: R.W. Fleming to Executive Officers, 16 December 1970

Document 30: R.W. Fleming to Executive Officers and Barbara Newell, 29 January 1971

Document 31: R.W. Fleming to Elliot L. Richardson, 29 January 1971

Document 32: Daniel Zwerdling, "The 'U' Crusade For/Against Women, 14 February 1971

Document 33: The Membership of PROBE to the Members and Chairwoman, Commission on Women, 1 April 1971

Document 34: Sara Fitzgerald, "'U' Women's Knight in Shining Armor," 23 March 1972

Document 35A: Jeanne Tashian to Sisters, 26 April 1972

Document 35B: PROBE, "The Medium Is the Message," ca. May 1972

Document 35C: Jeanne Tashian, Draft press release, 8 May 1972

Document 35D: Jeanne Tashian to Robben W. Fleming, 19 July 1972

Document 36: Harriet C. Mills, interview, 4 August 1986

Document 37: Ann Larimore, interview, 16 December 1999


Document 38: Ann Scott, "Summary of Executive Order 11246 as Amended by Executive Order 11375," 27 December 1970

Document 39A: "Affirmative Action Panel named by ACE," 19 November 1970

Document 39B: Charles V. Kidd, Memo to Council Members, Association of American Universities, 5 February 1971

Document 40: Elizabeth Farians to Kathy Shortridge, 17 January 1971

Document 41: "The PROBE Papers," No. 13, July 1971

Document 42: John E. Peterson, "HEW Cuts Faculty Quality, Colleges Fear," 12 March 1972

Document 43A: Jean L. King to Congresswoman Martha W. Griffiths, 2 August 1973

Document 43B: Barbara Jordan to Jean L. King, 8 August 1973

Document 43C: Jean L. King to Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, 4 September 1973

Document 43D: Jean L. King to Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, 26 September 1973



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