What Was the Appeal of Moral Reform to
Antebellum Northern Women, 1835-1841?

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Part A: Key Arguments in Female Moral Reform Discourse

Document 1: First Annual Report of the Female Moral Reform Society of the City of New York, 1835.

Document 2: "Essay Read at a monthly prayer meeting of an auxiliary Female Moral Reform Society," 1 November 1839.

Document 3 :"Fourth Annual Report of the N. Y. F. M. R. Society," June 1838.

Document 4: Annual Report of the Auxiliary in Mt. Morris, Genesee County, Michigan, 1 January 1839.

Document 5: "First Annual Report of the A. F. M. R. Society," 1 June 1840.

Document 6: "Just Treatment of Licentious Men. Addressed to Christian Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters," January 1838.

Document 7: Untitled editorial, 1 July 1838.

Document 8: "Thoughts on Miss S. M. Grimke's 'Duties of Woman,'" 16 July 1838.

Document 9: "What is it, to 'Cease from Man?'" Editorial, 1 October 1841.

Document 10: "Causes of Encouragement," Editorial, 15 September 1840.

Part B: Moral Reform's Dual Age-Group Appeal

Document 11: "Maternal Associations," 1 April 1840.

Document 12: "Hints to Young Ladies on an Important Subject," 1 August 1840.

Document 13: H.T.S. of Byron, New York, to the NYFMRS Corresponding Secretary, 15 May 1838.

Part C: The Program of Female Moral Reform

Document 14: "Important Lectures to Females," 1 March 1839.

Document 15: "There Remaineth yet Much Land to be Possessed," 1 August 1840.

Document 16: E.E. Porter of Windham, Ohio, to the NYFMRS Corresponding Secretary, 15 June 1838.

Document 17: Letter from N.H. of Peterborough, New Hampshire, to the NYFMRS Corresponding Secretary, 2 September 1839.

Document 18: "Died in Jaffrey, N.H. May 8, M.A.L., Aged 27," 1 August 1841.

Document 19: "The Importance of Petitions," Letter from N.H. of Westmoreland, New York, 15 November 1838.

Document 20: "Petitions! Petitions!" 15 December 1841.

Document 21: Annual Report of the Utica, New York, Female Moral Reform Society, 15 August 1840.



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