How Did Diverse Activists in the Second Wave of the Women's Movement
Shape Emerging Public Policy on Sexual Harassment?

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Document 1: Tomkins v. Public Service Electric and Gas, 1976

Document 2: Williams v. Saxbe, 1976

Document 3: Thomas H. Watkins, "About Black Women …," 8 May 1976

Document 4: "Working Women Join to Fight Sexual Exploitation," Press Release, 3 April 1975

Document 5: Speak-Out on Sexual Harassment of Women at Work, 4 May 1975

Document 6A: Julie Friedman, "Speak Out Draws Tears and Anger," August 1975

Document 6B: Carlie Cleveland, "Morse Chain Challenged," August 1975

Document 6C: "Our First Issue," August 1975

Document 6D: "Why Working Women United," August 1975

Document 6E: "Brown Sees Red!" August 1975

Document 6F: "Sexual Harassment: The Working Woman's Dilemma," August 1975

Document 6G: "Cop Charges Cop With Harassment," August 1975

Document 6H: "Woman Puts Heat on Fire Dep't," August 1975

Document 6I: Carmita Wood, "Woman Alone," August 1975

Document 6J: Ellen Yacknin, "Force the Law to Fight for You," August 1975

Document 6K: Ellen Yacknin, "Share the Wealth," August 1975

Document 6L: Caryn Spector, "Small Claims," August 1975

Document 6M: Joan Willmer, "Not on the Menu," August 1975

Document 6N: "Is This Really Funny?" August 1975

Document 6O: "Have You Really Come a Long Way, Baby?" August 1975

Document 6P: "Issue Draws National Support," August 1975

Document 6Q: "Short-Changed," August 1975

Document 6R: Ginny Vanderslice, "When Will Comell Comply?" August 1975

Document 6S: "Meeting Schedule," August 1975

Document 7: Excerpts from Enid Nemy, "Women Begin to Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment at Work," 19 August 1975

Document 8: Freada Klein and Lynn Wehrli, "Sexual Coercion on the Job?" October 1976

Document 9: Lynn Wehrli, "Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: A Feminist Analysis and Strategy for Social Change," 1976

Document 10: Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, Sexual Harassment at the Workplace 1977

Document 11: Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, "Sexual Harassment and Coercion: Violence Against Women," July/August 1978

Document 12: Martha Hooven and Nancy McDonald, "The Role of Capitalism: Understanding Sexual Harassment," November/December 1978

Document 13: "Combat Sexual Harassment on the Job!" November/December 1978

Document 14: Dierdre Silverman, "Sexual Harassment: Working Women's Dilemma," Winter 1976-77

Document 15: Lin Farley, Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job, 1978

Document 16: Freada Klein, Book Review of Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job, November/December 1978

Document 17: Lin Farley, "Response to Sexual Shakedown Review," January/February 1979

Document 18: Martha Hooven and Freada Klein, "Is Sexual Harassment Legal?" September/October 1978

Document 19: Margaret Mead, "A Proposal: We Need Taboos on Sex at Work," April 1978

Document 20A: Karen Lindsey, "Sexual Harassment on the Job and How to Stop It," November 1977

Document 20B: Karen Lindsey, "A National Resource," November 1977

Document 20C: Rochelle Lefkowitz, "A Grass-Roots Model," November 1977

Document 21: Barnes v. Costle, 1977

Document 22: Tomkins v. Public Service Electric and Gas Company, 1977

Document 23: Plaintiff-Appellant's Appeal Brief, Tomkins v. Public Service Electric and Gas Company, 1977

Document 24: Alexander v. Yale, 1977

Document 25: Excerpts from Russell Baker, "The Courts of First Resort," 26 July 1977

Document 26: Alexander v. Yale: Collected Documents from the Yale Undergraduate Women's Caucus and Grievance Committee, 1978

Document 27: "Part 60-4--Construction Contractors--Affirmative Action Requirements," 7 April 1978

Document 28A: News Release, District of Columbia, Office of the Mayor, 24 May 1979

Document 28B: Memorandum from Elijah B. Rogers to Marion S. Barry, Jr., 18 May 1979

Document 28C: D.C. Mayor's Order 79-89, 24 May 1979

Document 29: Sexual Harassment in the Federal Government: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, 23 October, 1, 13 November 1979

Document 30: Alan K. Campbell, "Memorandum to Heads of Departments and Independent Agencies," and "Policy Statement and Definition of Sexual Harassment," appended, 12 December 1979

Document 31: Catharine MacKinnon, Sexual Harassment of Working Women, 1979

Document 32: Sexual Harassment in the Federal Government, A Report from the Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, 30 April 1980

Document 33A: "Comments on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Proposed Amendment Adding Section 1604.11, Sexual Harassment, to Its Guidelines on Sexual Discrimination," Summer 1980

Document 33B: Women Employed Institute, "Sexual Harassment Packet: EEOC Guidelines, WE Comments and Analysis, Model Policies for the Office," 10 June 1980

Document 33C: Denise Wells, Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 6 June 1980

Document 33D: Cathy Beckmann, Women in the Trades, to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 6 May 1980

Document 33E: Eliza M. Carney, National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs, to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 10 June 1980

Document 34: EEOC Guidelines on Sexual Harassment, 10 November 1980

Document 35: Amendment to the Elliott-Larson Civil Rights Act, 1980

Document 36: U.S. Office of Merit Systems Review and Studies, Sexual Harassment in the Federal Workplace: Is It A Problem?: A Report of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Merit Systems Review and Studies, 1981

Document 37: Connie White, Barbara Angle, and Marat Moore, Sexual Harassment in the Coal Industry: A Survey of Women Miners, 1981

Document 38: Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson, 1986



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