How Did African-American Women Define Their Citizenship
at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893?

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Newspaper Articles

Sketches of African American Newspapers

Document 1: "Women at the World's Fair; The Lady Managers Explain Their Attitude. Dissensions Among Afro-Americans the Reason for Not Appointing a National Representative --No Discrimination on Account of Color," New York Age, 24 October 1891

Document 2: "The Women and the World's Fair," 24 October 1891

Document 3: "The Women and the Exposition," 7 November 1891

Document 4: "World's Fair Doings," 19 December 1891

Document 5: "The World's Fair," 16 April 1892

Document 6: "A Great Slight To The Race," 30 April 1892

Document 7: "Boom-De-Ra," 18 March 1893

Document 8: "Our World's Fair Representation," 18 March 1893

Document 9: "No 'Nigger Day,' No 'Nigger Pamphlet!'" 25 March 1893

Document 10: "World's Fair Appeal," 15 April 1893

Document 11: "World's Fair Pamphlets," 22 April 1893



Speeches by African American Women at the World's Congress
of Representative Women, 15-21 May 1893

The World's Congress of Representative Women
(Title Page Graphic)

Document 12: "Woman's Political Future--Address By Frances E. W. Harper of Virginia"

Document 13: "The Intellectual Progress of the Colored Women of the United States since the Emancipation Proclamation--An Address by Fannie Barrier Williams of Illinois"

Document 14: "Discussion of the Same Subject by Mrs. A. J. Cooper of Washington, D. C."

Document 15: "Discussion Continued by Fannie Jackson Coppin of Pennsylvania--Also includes a short address made by Hon. Frederick Douglass directly after Coppin's address"

Document 16: "The Organized Efforts of the Colored Women of The South to Improve Their Condition--An Address By Sarah J. Early of Tennessee"

Document 17: "Discussion of the Same Subject By Hallie Q. Brown"


Document 18: "Miss Ida B. Wells Informs Our Readers as to the Condition of the World's Fair Pamphlet Movement. What the Pamphlet Will Be--The Amount of Cash in Hand and Subscribed--Ohio Afro-Americans Should Do Their Duty at Once and Forward Something to Aid the Movement," 22 July 1893

Document 19: "To Tole With Watermelons. A Novel Way to Increase the World's Fair Attendance-'Colored Folks' Day,'" 22 July 1893

Document 20: "Frederick Douglass's Speech at Colored American Day," 25 August 1893


Document 21: Ida B. Wells, "Preface," The Reason Why The Colored American is Not in the Columbian Exposition,

Chapter One: Frederick Douglass, "The Afro-American's Contribution to Columbian Literature"

Chapter Two: Ida B. Wells, "Class Legislation"

Chapter Three: Ida B. Wells, "Convict Lease System"

Chapter Four: Ida B. Wells, "Lynch Law"

Chapter Five: I. Garland Penn, "The Progress of The Afro-American Since Emancipation

Chapter Six: F.L. Barnett, "The Reason Why"


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