How Did the First Jewish Women's Movement Draw on Progressive
Women's Activism and Jewish Traditions, 1893-1936?

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Document 1: Rebekah Kohut, My Portion (An Autobiography), 1925

Document 2: Hannah Greenbaum Solomon, Fabric of My Life: The Autobiography of Hannah G. Solomon, 1946

Document 3: Carrie Shevelson Benjamin, "Woman's Place in Charitable Work—What It Is and What It Should Be," 1894

Document 4: Hannah G. Solomon, "Address at the Jewish Women's Congress," 1894

Document 5: Rebekah Kohut, "Discussion of ‘Mission-Work Among the Unenlightened Jews,’" 1894

Document 6A: Sadie American, "Organization," 1894

Document 6B: "Report of the Business Meeting," 1894

Document 7: "Council of Jewish Women," [1894]

Document 8: Hannah G. Solomon, "Report of the National Council of Jewish Women," April 1895

Document 9: Rosa Sonneschein, "Editorial: A Midsummer Reality," August 1896

Document 10: National Council of Jewish Women, "Constitution of the Council of Jewish Women," 1897

Document 11: Flora Schwab, "Response to Mrs. Nellie L. Miller's paper, ‘The Advantages, Needs, and Difficulties of the Council of Jewish Women,’ " 1897

Document 12: National Council of Jewish Women, "Report of the Committee on Motto and Badge," 1897

Document 13: "The Council of Jewish Women," 24 December 1896

Document 14: "Rich Women and Poor Tailors Combine in Cause of Justice," [1898]

Document 15: Maud Nathan, "Bible Ethics Versus Business Ethics," March 1907

Document 16: Excerpt from Senate Immigration Commission, Statements and Recommendations Submitted by Societies and Organizations Interested in the Subject of Immigration, 1911

Document 17: Mrs. Oliver H. P. Belmont, "Jewish Women in Public Affairs," May 1913

Document 18: "Women Provide Employment for Jewish Girls," 19 December 1914

Document 19: Excerpt from Lillian Wald, The House on Henry Street, 1915

Document 20: "Jews Besiege Theatre to Hear Suffrage Plea," Philadelphia Record, November 1915

Document 21: Maud Nathan to Rabbis, 23 April 1917

Document 22: "American Jewish Women in 1890 and 1920: An Interview with Mrs. Hannah G. Solomon," 23 April 1920

Document 23: Alice Seligsberg, "The Woman's Way," 23 June 1922

Document 24: Anzia Yezierska, Excerpt from Arrogant Beggar, 1927

Document 25: Henrietta Szold to Maud Nathan, 25 January 1936



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