Why Were Illinois Indian Women Attracted to Catholicism, 1665-1750?

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Document 1: Map of Native villages and French missions in the Great Lakes and Illinois country, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Document 2: Claude Allouez, "Of the Mission to the Ilimouec, or Alimouek [Illinois]," [1666-1667]

Document 3: Excerpt from Jacques Marquette, "Letter from Father Jacques Marquette to the Reverend Father Superior of the Missions," [1669-1670]

Document 4: Claude Dablon, "Article IV. Some Particulars Concerning the Nation of the Ilinois, Especially Regarding the Good Disposition and Politeness of Those Peoples," [1670-1671]

Document 5: Excerpt from Jacques Marquette, "Section 5th. How the Ilinois Received the Father [Marquette] in Their Village," 1673

Document 6: Claude Dablon, "Account of the Second Voyage and the Death of Father Jacques Marquette," [1677]

Document 7A: Claude Allouez, "Le pater, or Our Father," [ca. 1670s]

Document 7B: Claude Allouez, "L'Ave, or Hail Mary," [ca. 1670s]

Document 7C: Claude Allouez, "Credo, or Apostles' Creed," [ca. 1670s]

Document 8: Jacques Gravier, "Letter by Father Jacques Gravier in the Form of a Journal of the Mission of l'Immaculée Conception de Notre Dame in the Illinois Country," 15 February 1694

Document 9: Excerpts from the Kaskaskia sacramental registers, [1695-1792]

Document 10: Julien Binneteau, "Letter of Father Julien Binneteau, of the Society of Jesus, to a Father of the Same Society," [January] 1699

Document 11: Gabriel Marest, "Letter of Father Gabriel Marest, of the Society of Jesus, to a Father of the Same Society," 29 April 1699

Document 12: Pierre Deliette, "Memoir of De Gannes [Deliette] Concerning the Illinois Country," [ca. 1702]

Document 13: Excerpt from Antoine Denis Raudot, "Memoir Concerning the Different Indian Nations of North America," [ca. 1710]

Document 14: Gabriel Marest, "Letter from Father Gabriel Marest, Missionary of the Society of Jesus, to Father Germon, of the Same Society," 9 November 1712

Document 15: Excerpt from Diron D'Artaguiette, "Journal of Diron D'artaguiette," [19 April 1723]

Document 16: Sébastien Rasles, "Letter from Father Sébastien Rasles, Missionary of the Society of Jesus in New France, to Monsieur His Brother," 12 October 1723

Document 17A: Rouensa, Last Will and Testament of Marie Rouensa, 13 June 1725

Document 17B: Rouensa, Codicil to Last Will and Testament of Marie Rouensa, 20 June 1725

Document 18: "Inventory of the Estate of Marie Rouensa," [1725]

Document 19: Excerpts from Richard N. Ellis and Charlie R. Steen, eds., "An Indian Delegation in France, 1725"

Document 20: Excerpts from Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix, Journal of a Voyage to North America, 1744

Document 21: Louis Vivier, "Letter from Father Vivier, Missionary among the Illinois, to Father * * *," 8 June 1750



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