Why Did Some Men Support the Women's Rights Movement in the 1850s, and How Did Their Ideas Compare to those of Women in the Movement?

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Part A: The Beginnings of a Movement

Document 1: Letter from Daniel O'Connell to Lucretia Mott, 20 June 1840.

Document 2: Letter from William Howitt to Lucretia Mott, 27 June 1840.

Document 3: The First and Closing Paragraphs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Address, Seneca Falls, N.Y., 19, 20 July 1848.

Document 4: Frederick Douglass, Untitled Article, The North Star , 28 July 1848.

Part B: The Beliefs of the Male Supporters

Document 5: George W. Putnam, "A Poem," Woman's Rights Convention, Akron, Ohio, 29 May 1851.

Document 6: Letter from Henry C. Wright to the Woman's Rights Convention, Akron, Ohio, 29 May 1851.

Document 7: A Speech by Frederick Douglass on the Woman's Rights Convention at Worcester, Massachusetts, 15 and 16 October 1851.

Document 8: Theodore Parker, "Sermon: of the Public Function of Woman," preached at Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, 27 March 1853.

Document 9: William Lloyd Garrison at the Woman's Rights Convention, The Broadway Tabernacle, New York, New York, 6 September 1853.

Document 10: Letter from Horace Greeley to Mrs. C. M. Severance, at the Cleveland, Ohio, Convention, 5 October 1853.

Document 11: Thomas Wentworth Higginson, "Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet," Atlantic Monthly , February 1859.

Document 12: Henry Ward Beecher, "Womans' Duty to Vote," Address at the Woman's Rights Convention, New York, 10 May 1866.

Document 13: G.P. Webster and Thomas Nast, "A Dream of the Period," Nast's Illustrated Almanac for 1871 .

Document 14: Frederick Douglass, "Why I Became a Woman's Rights Man," 1881.

Part C: Differing Views -- A Split Within the Movement

Document 15: John Neal, "Brother Jonathan's Wife: A Lecture," 1842 (as excerpted).

Document 16: Parker Pillsbury, "Woman's Rights Convention and People of Color," The North Star , 5 December 1850.

Document 17: A Speech by Wendell Phillips, Esq., at the Woman's Rights Convention, New York City, 1860.

Document 18: Letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the Editor of the New York Tribune , 30 May 1860.

Document 19: Letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the Editor of the National Anti-Slavery Standard , 26 December 1865.

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