How Did African American Women Shape
the Civil Rights Movement and What Challenges Did They Face?

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Document 1A: Mary Church Terrell, "What Role Is the Educated Negro Woman to Play in the Uplifting of her Race?" 1902

Document 1B: "Mrs. Mary Church Terrell," 1902

Document 2: Annie H. Jones, "How Can We as Women Advance The Standing of the Race?" July 1904

Document 3: Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Speech Given at the Women's Interracial Conference, Memphis, Tennessee, 8 October 1920

Document 4: Daisy Gatson Bates, The Long Shadow of Little Rock, chap. 2, ca. 1932

Document 5A: National Council of Negro Women, "Tentative By-Laws of the National Council of Negro Women," ca.1935

Document 5B: Dorothy Height, Interview with James Mosby, ca. 1936-1970

Document 6: Excerpt, Interview with Willa V. Robinson by Malinda Manor, ca. 1945

Document 7: Mary Fair Burks, "Trailblazers: Women in the Montgomery Bus Boycott," Women in the Civil Rights Movement, ca. 1948

Document 8: Excerpt from interview with Mattie Jones by David Cline, ca. 1953

Document 9A: Excerpt, Septima Poinsette Clark, Echo in My Soul, ca. 1954-1957

Document 9B: Excerpt, Septima Poinsette Clark, Echo in My Soul, ca. 1960

Document 9C: Excerpt, Bernice Robinson, Interview by Sue Thrasher and Eliot Wigginton, ca. 1960

Document 10: Excerpt, Jo Ann Gibson Robinson, with David Garrow, The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It, December 1955

Document 11: Excerpt from Vera Pigee, The Struggle of Struggles, Spring 1960

Document 12A: Excerpt, Interview with Daisy Gatson Bates by Elizabeth Jacoway, Spring 1957

Document 12B: Excerpt from Daisy Gatson Bates, The Long Shadow of Little Rock, 23 September 1957

Document 13: Excerpt, Interview with Ella Baker by Eugene Walker, ca. 1954

Document 14: Septima P. Clark, "The Role of Women," Ready from Within, ca. 1953-1965

Document 15: Diane Nash, "Inside the Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides," August 1961

Document 16A: Septima P. Clark, "A Fabulous Decade: Montgomery to Memphis, a Woman's Viewpoint," ca. 1961-1970

Document 16B: Septima P. Clark to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 12 December 1963

Document 16C: Memo, Septima P. Clark to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 12 December 1963

Document 17A: Maxine Smith, "Report of Executive Secretary," 7 June - 18 July 1961

Document 17B: Maxine Smith, "Report of Executive Secretary," 4 March - 7 April 1964

Document 17C: Maxine Smith, "Report of Executive Secretary," 1 January - 6 February 1968

Document 17D: Mary G. Parker, Affidavit, 26 March 1968

Document 17E: George Perry, Affidavit, 1 May 1968

Document 18: Pauli Murray, "The Negro Woman in the Quest for Equality," 14 November 1963

Document 19: Fannie Lou Hamer, Transcript of Testimony to the Democratic National Convention, Credentials Committee, 22 August 1964

Document 20: Excerpt from Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi, 1968

Document 21: Elizabeth B. Barnes and Frances M. Tenenbaum, "Wednesdays in Mississippi Preliminary Report," 1964

Document 22: Excerpt from Dorothy Height, Open Wide the Freedom Gates, ca. 1967

Document 23A: Pat Robinson and Group, "Letter to a North Vietnamese Sister from an Afro-American Woman," ca. September 1968

Document 23B: Pat Robinson and Group, "On the Position of Poor Black Women in This Country," ca. September 1968

Document 24: Excerpt from Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story, August 1974

Document 25: Angela Davis, "Prison Interviews," 1971

Document 26: Michele Wallace, "A Black Feminist's Search for Sisterhood," 1975

Document 27: Audre Lorde, "Learning from the 60s," 1982

Document 28: Barbara Smith, "The Tip of the Iceberg," 1994



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