Why Did Congressional Lobbying Efforts
Fail to Eliminate Contraception from Obscenity Laws, 1916-1937?

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Mary Ware Dennett and the Need for Birth Control

Document 1: Letters collected by the Committee of 100, 1917

Document 2: Margaret Sanger, "Hard Facts," March 1919

Document 3: Mary Ware Dennett, "Yes, But--," 1919


Catholic Opposition and Counterarguments

Document 4: John Augustine Ryan, "Family Limitation," June 1916

Document 5: Michael P. Dowling, Race Suicide, Birth Control, 1916

Document 6: John M. Cooper, Birth Control, 1923

Document 7: Mary Ware Dennett, "Catholic Discretion," 15 May 1924

Document 8: Mary Ware Dennett to the Catholic Members of Congress, 16 January 1925


Opposition from the Medical Community

Document 9: Subcommittee on Birth Control to the Public Health Committee, New York Academy of Medicine, 15 November 1920

Document 10: James Alex Miller to Mary Ware Dennett, 29 November 1920

Document 11: Margaret Sanger, "Editorial," March 1921

Document 12: Memo from Dr. Philip Van Ingen, 15 June 1921


The Congressional Campaign

Document 13: Mary Ware Dennett to Senators and Congressmen, 17 July 1920

Document 14: Mary Ware Dennett to Marie Stopes, 4 October 1922

Document 15: Mary Ware Dennett, "Campaign Diary," 21 December 1923

Document 16: Mary Ware Dennett, "Campaign Diary," 23-31 January 1924

Document 17: Mary Ware Dennett, "Embarrassment," 18 March 1924

Document 18: "Cummins-Vaile Bill," 8 April 1924

Document 19: "Statement of Mary Ware Dennett," 8 April 1924

Document 20 : Mary Ware Dennett to the Executive Committee, Legislative Committee and National Council of the Voluntary Parenthood League, 14 April 1924

Document 21: Mary Ware Dennett to the Executive Committee, Legislative Committee and National Council of the Voluntary Parenthood League, 19 May 1924

Document 22 : Mary Ware Dennett, "The Sixty-Eighth Congress Leaving the Cummins-Vaile Bill in the Welter of 'Unfinished Business,'" 10 March 1925

Document 23: Mary Ware Dennett, "What Congress Found Time for in the Rush of the Closing Session," 10 March 1925



Document 24: Excerpts from National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control Reports on Interviews with Representatives and Senators, 1931-36

Document 25: United States v. One Package, 1936

Document 26: "Release for the 1936 Conference on Contraceptive Research and Clinical Practice--General Information," 1936

Document 27: Hannah M. Stone, "Birth Control Wins," 16 January 1937

Document 28: Harry Elmer Barnes, "Birth Control and Doctors," 15 June 1937




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