How Did Mexican Working Women Assert Their Labor and
Constitutional Rights in the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike?

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Document 1: "Estallara Una Huelga de Nueceros," ("Pecan Shellers Remain Firm") La Prensa, 30 January 1938

Document 2: "Pecan Plant Workers Strike," San Antonio Light, 31 January 1938

Document 3: "Siguen Firmes Los Nueceros," ("Pecan Shellers Remain Firm") La Prensa, 1 February 1938

Document 4: "Lograron Un Triunfo Los Nueceros," ("Pecan Shellers Attain Victory") La Prensa, 2 February 1938

Document 5: "Pecan Strike Heads Offer to Quit," San Antonio Light, 3 February 1938

Document 6: "First Violence in S.A. Pecan Strike," San Antonio Light, 4 February 1938

Document 7: "Pecan Workers Protest Civil Rights Curb," The Daily Worker, 4 February 1938

Document 8: "Chief Kilday Calls Out Reserve Force," San Antonio Light, 7 February 1938

Document 9: "El Gobernador Ordena Se Investigue La Huelga," ("The Governor Orders Investigation of Strike") La Prensa, 12 February 1938

Document 10: "S.A. Strikers Tell Police Beatings," San Antonio Light, 15 February 1938

Document 11: "Beasley Tells Court 6000 on Strike," San Antonio Light, 24 February 1938

Document 12: "Allred Told Arbitration Stalled," San Antonio Light, 4 March 1938

Document 13: Texas Civil Liberties Union, San Antonio: The Cradle of Texas Liberty and Its Coffin, 1938

Document 14: "Pecan Strikers Return to Work," San Antonio Light, 8 March 1938

Document 15: "Pecan Strikers Appeal for Aid in Battle," The Daily Worker, 9 March 1938

Document 16: Letter from Mrs. Charles Britton to Mrs. Frances Perkins with enclosure, 11 March 1938

Document 17: "Third Arbiter in Strike to be Named," San Antonio Light, 11 March 1938

Document 18: "S.A. Pecan Shellers to Arbitrate Trouble," The Weekly Dispatch, 18 March 1938

Document 19: "Pecan Strikers Dance in Street on Victory," The Daily Worker, 23 March 1938

Document 20: The Pecan Shellers of San Antonio , Works Project Administration Report, 1940

Document 21: Excerpt, Alberta Snid Interview, ca. 1978

Document 22: Excerpt, Emma Tenayuca Interview, 21 February 1987

Document 23: Excerpt, Emma Tenayuca Obituary, San Antonio Express-News, 24 July 1999

Document 24: San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike Footage, 1938


Image 1: Rations Given at Guadalupe Church

Image 2: Pecan Plant: Cracking Pecans

Image 3: Funeral Hearse

Image 4: Mr. and Mrs. Medina in front of their 6 by 12 foot Shack

Image 5: Caring for Plants and Flowers at Home

Image 6: Some of the Better Pecan Shellers Homes

Image 7: Recess Time at West Side School

Image 8: Row of Pecan Sheller Homes

Image 9: School Children Having Lunch

Image 10: Pecan Sheller Family

Image 11: Pecan Sheller Home

Image 12: Homes in San Antonio's West Side

Image 13: Poor Working Conditions in Pecan Plant




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