How Did Antislavery Women Use Portraits to Represent Themselves in the
Transatlantic Antislavery Movement?

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Document 1: Francis Alexander, Lydia Maria Francis (Child), 1826

Document 2: James Akin, A Downwright Gabbler, or a Goose That Deserves to Be Hissed, 1829

Document 3: C. "The Portrait--(Original)," 1 July 1829

Document 4: Jean Gigoux, Fanny Kemble, 1830

Document 5: J.G. Whittier, "Friend Whittier Gives Us a Fine Portrait in the Following Lines," 22 January 1831

Document 6: William Finden, The Countess Gower and Her Child, 1831

Document 7: Francis Alexander, Portrait of Prudence Crandall, 1834

Document 8A: Richard Evans, Harriet Martineau, ca. 1834

Document 8B: Daniel Maclise, Harriet Martineau, 1833

Document 8C: Letter, Harriet Martineau to Fanny Wedgwood, 14 December 1855

Document 8D: Camille Silvy, Harriet Martineau, 1 March 1861

Document 9: Mary Irving, "A Portrait," 16 October 1841

Document 10A: Joseph Kyle, Lucretia Mott, 1841

Document 10B: Lucretia Mott, 1858

Document 11: George Catlin, "Effect of Portrait Painting among the Indians," 6 January 1842

Document 12: J.G. Whittier, "Slaves of Martinique," 13 January 1848

Document 13: Letter, Samuel J. May to John Bishop Estlin, 7 March 1848

Document 14: N. Currier, "The Modern Colossus: Eighth Wonder of the World," 1848

Document 15A: Letter, Richard Davis Webb to Maria Weston Chapman, 26 April 1848

Document 15B: Letter, Richard Davis Webb to Maria Weston Chapman, 29 July 1851

Document 15C: Maria Weston Chapman, n.d.

Document 15D: Maria Weston Chapman, 1846

Document 15E: Richard and Hannah Webb with Daughter, Annie Webb, ca. 1860

Document 16: J. Andrews and S. A. Schoff, Ellen Craft, ca. 1850

Document 17: "Winthrop's Daguerreotype," 30 October 1851

Document 18A: "Portrait of the Author of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,'" 20 January 1854

Document 18B: Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852

Document 18C: J.D. Wells, Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852

Document 18D: Letter, Anne Warren Weston to Deborah Anna Weston, 3 February 1853

Document 19A: Letter, Emma Mitchell to Anne Warren Weston, 20 November 1853

Document 19B: Mary Estlin, Daguerreotype, n.d.

Document 19C: Mary Estlin, Daguerreotype, n.d.

Document 19D: Mary Estlin, Daguerreotype, n.d.

Document 19E: Mary Estlin, Daguerreotype, n.d.

Document 19F: Eliza Wigham, Mary A. Estlin, and Jane Wigham, ca. 1850

Document 20: "Wade's Daguerreotype of the Doughfaces," 30 April 1858

Document 21: Anne Knight, 1860

Document 22: Sarah Parker Remond, 1860

Document 23: Frederick Douglass, "Pictures and Progress," 1861

Document 24: Mary Howitt, ca. 1860s

Document 25: Sojourner Truth, carte de visite, ca. 1864

Document 26: Elizabeth Buffam Chace, n.d.

Document 27: Harriet K. Hunt, n.d.

Document 28: Sarah M. Grimké, n.d.

Document 29: Charlotte Forten Grimké, carte de visite, 187?



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