How Did Women Sculptors Contribute to and Draw Support from the Antislavery and Woman's Rights Movements, 1855-1875?


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Document 1: "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister?" 1837

Document 2: Hiram Powers, The Greek Slave, 1844

Document 3: John Tenniel, "The Virginian Slave," Punch, January-June 1851

Document 4: Harriet Hosmer, photogravure, circa 1855-1870

Document 5: Harriet Hosmer, Oenone, 1855

Document 6: Harriet Hosmer, Beatrice Cenci, 1856

Document 7: Frances Dana Gage, "Masculine Women," Liberator, 15 January 1858

Document 8: Lydia Maria Child, "Miss Harriet Hosmer," Littell's Living Age, 13 March 1858

Document 9: Harriet Hosmer, Zenobia in Chains, 1859

Document 10: Photograph of Harriet Hosmer and her assistants, ca. 1861

Document 11: Harriet Hosmer, "The Process of Sculpture," Atlantic Monthly, December 1864

Document 12: Harriet Hosmer, "The Doleful Ditty of the Roman Caffe Greco," New York Evening Post, 1864

Document 13A: Anne Whitney, "The Fugitive-Slave-Bill," Poems, 1859

Document 13B: Anne Whitney, "Twenty-Second of February," Poems, 1859

Document 13C: Anne Whitney, "Facts in Verse," Poems, 21 December 1859

Document 14A: "Review of Poems by Anne Whitney," Atlantic Monthly, December 1859

Document 14B: "Art. III.--Poems, by Anne Whitney," North American Review, April 1860

Document 15: Caroline Healy Dall to Anne Whitney, 7 October 1861

Document 16: Anne Whitney, Lady Godiva, 1862

Document 17: Thomas Wentworth Higginson to Anne Whitney, 27 November 1864

Document 18: Carte de visite photograph of Sojourner Truth, 1864

Document 19: Anne Whitney, Africa, 1864

Document 20: Excerpt from Anne Whitney to Adeline Manning, 17-18 March [1866]

Document 21: Anne Whitney, Toussaint L'Ouverture, 1870

Document 22: Lydia Maria Child, "Letter from L. Maria Child," Liberator, 19 February 1864

Document 23: Edmonia Lewis, Robert Gould Shaw, 1864

Document 24: Anna Quincy Waterston, "Edmonia Lewis," Liberator, 16 December 1864

Document 25: Edmonia Lewis, Anna Quincy Waterston, ca. 1866

Document 26A: Edmonia Lewis to Maria Weston Chapman, 5 February 1867

Document 26B: Edmonia Lewis to Maria Weston Chapman, 6 August 1867

Document 26C: Edmonia Lewis to Maria Weston Chapman, 3 May 1868

Document 27: Edmonia Lewis, Forever Free, 1867

Document 28: Laura Curtis Bullard, "Edmonia Lewis," Revolution, 20 April 1871

Document 29: "Miss Edmonia Lewis, Sculptor," Daily Graphic, 10 July 1873

Document 30: Edmonia Lewis, Hagar in the Wilderness, 1875

Document 31: American Press Association, Photograph of St. Louis Suffrage Pageant's tableau, 23 September 1916



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