How Did Suburban Development and Domesticity Shape
Women's Activism in Queens, New York, 1945-1968?

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1. The Myth of Apolitical Suburban Domesticity

Document 1A: Harry Henderson, "The Mass-Produced Suburbs: How People Live in America's Newest Towns," November 1953

Document 1B: Harry Henderson, "Rugged American Collectivism: The Mass-Produced Suburbs, Part II," December 1953

Document 2A: Betty Friedan, "The Problem That Has No Name," The Feminine Mystique, 1963

Document 2B: Betty Friedan, "The Way We Were — 1949," 1976

Document 2C: Betty Friedan, "`More than a Nosewiper': Housing Project Mothers Make a Backyard Camp for Their Kids," 1955

Document 2D: Betty Friedan, "Day Camp in the Driveways," May 1957

2. Shortage of Schools in New York City, 1946-1949

Document 3A: Letter from Mrs. Joseph Deutsch, PTA of Flushing High School, to Mayor O'Dwyer and Robert Moses, 16 April 1946

Document 3B: Letter from Rose Shapiro, President of the United Parents Association, to Mayor O'Dwyer, 18 April 1946

Document 3C: Letter from Mrs. Joseph Deutsch, PTA of Flushing High School, to Mayor O'Dwyer and Petition from PTA of Flushing High School (Deutsch, President), 3 May 1946

Document 3D: Letter from Ella S. Streator, Chairman of the Local School Board of District 52 (Queens), to Mayor O'Dwyer, 5 May 1946

Document 4: Letter from Daniel Russo, Chairman, Building and Sites Committee, School Board District 51, to Mayor O'Dwyer, 22 December 1949

3. Parents' Mobilization in South Flushing and South Bayside

Document 5A: "Survey Area School Kids," 4 May 1950

Document 5B: "Not So Bad?" 18 May 1950

Document 5C: Julia Berkowitz, Letter to the Editor, 1 June 1950

Document 5D: "'Battle of the Budget' Forces Start of Bayside School Council," 24 August 1950

Document 6A: "Hundreds of Parents Set for School `Zero Hour,'" 16 November 1950

Document 6B: "A Report on Public School 165," December 1952

Document 6C: "Kew Hills School News," November 1953

Document 7: Memorandum from the Kew Meadows Schools Committee to the Board of Estimate and File Memorandum, 21 November 1951

Document 8A: Letter from Mrs. Cabiria Nardiello, Oakland Area School Committee, to Mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri, 4 December 1951

Document 8B: "File Note" by Austin J. Collins, Educational Aide to the Mayor, 17 December 1951

Document 8C: Letter from Parents Group, P.S. 46 to Abraham D. Beame, Director of the Budget, 8 September 1952

Document 9: "March to School Site: 500 P.S. 46 Parents, Kids Parade to P.S. 213 Site," 9 October 1952

4. Traffic Problems and Baby-Carriage Parades

Document 10A: "Traffic Light Installed for 154's Pupils: Safety Device Ends Year-Long Struggle By Civic Factions," 7 October 1948

Document 10B: "Marching Mothers Win School Crossing Fight," 30 September 1948

Document 10C: "Civic Group Plans Long, Large Scale Campaign for Light," 26 November 1952

Document 10D: "Civic Groups Hits Traffic Lite Lack," 12 February 1953

Document 10E: "Threat of Buggy Blockade Gets Promise from Traffic Department," 19 May 1955

Document 11A: "Mothers in Kew Hills To Block Off Traffic," 12 June 1950

Document 11B: "They Want a Light! Kew Hills Mothers Block Road with Baby Buggies," 13 June 1950

Document 11C: "Kew Hills Mothers Win Civic Battle: Patrolman Guards Crossing," 14 June 1950

Document 11D: "Mothers String Along with Traffic Problems," 15 June 1950

Document 11E: "School Crossing Blocked 20 Minutes: Promise of Traffic Light Snaps 'Human Chain,'" 1 October 1952

Document 12: "The only convertible that outsells Ford!" advertisement, 9 July 1953

5. Cold War Debates in local PTAs

Document 13A: B. B. Bendiner, Letter to the Editor, 21 September 1950

Document 13B: "Letter to Lark Editor Draws Sharp Rebuttal by 26 Executive Body," 28 September 1950

Document 13C: "A Statement by B. B. Bendiner," 28 September 1950

Document 13D: "Letters to the Editor: PS 26 PTA — Opinions," 28 September 1950

Document 13E: "Letters to the Editor," 5 October 1950

Document 13F: B. B. Bendiner, Letter to the Editor, 12 October 1950

Document 13G: "Leadership Upheld at Stormy PTA Session," 26 October 1950

Document 13H: "The End?" 26 October 1950

Document 14A: Margo Neumann, "Candidate Sets School Plans," 31 January 1952

Document 14B: "A Political Fraud," 7 February 1952

Document 14C: "Vote Better Schools," 1952

Document 14D: "Flushing Mother Runs for Congress," 29 January 1952


Document 15: Claire Shulman, interviewed by Florence Daniels, 23 January and 6 March 1989



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