How Did Japanese Women Peace Activists Interact with European Women
as They Negotiated between Nationalism and Transnational Peace Activism
to Promote Peace, 1915-1935?

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Document 1: Chrystal Macmillan to Umeko Tsuda, 16 October 1915

Document 2: Umeko Tsuda and Mary P. E. Nitobe to Aletta Jacobs, 13 December 1915

Document 3: Chrystal Macmillan to Umeko Tsuda, 21 February 1916

Document 4: Umeko Tsuda, "Miss Tsuda's Address to the Graduating Class," July 1916

Document 5: Isamu Kawakami to Aletta Jacobs and Rosa Manus, 21 November 1917

Document 6: "Sekai no Fujin ni Renmei suru Fujin Heiwa Kyokai ga Nihon ni Hokki sareta" (To Join a World's Women's Group, the Women's Peace Association was Proposed in Japan), 2 December 1920

Document 7A: Emily Greene Balch to Isamu Kawakami, 27 January 1921

Document 7B: Excerpt from Isamu Kawakami to Emily Greene Balch, 22 April 1921

Document 8: Mary P.E. Nitobe to Tano Jodai, 31 January 1921

Document 9: Isamu Kawakami to Emily Greene Balch, 3 May 1921

Document 10A: Tano Jodai to Emily Greene Balch, 10 May 1921

Document 10B: Constitution of the Woman's Association in Japan for International Friendship, May 1921

Document 11: Emma Wold to Hideko Inouye, 6 August 1921

Document 12: Hideko Inouye, "Beikokumin ni Uttaeru, Heiwa no Sankajyo: Kino Ofukaiin-tachi no Inouye Fujin Sobetsu Kai" (Appealing to U.S. Citizens to Support Three Principles of Peace), 21 October 1921

Document 13: Tano Jodai, "Jikyoku Gukan" (My Perspective on the Current Situation), October 1921

Document 14A: Tomi Wada to [WILPF women], 17 July 1923

Document 14B: Two Images of Jane Addams from her tour of Western Japan, 23 June 1923

Document 14C: Photograph of Jane Addams at public lecture, 23 June 1923

Document 15: Hideko Inouye to Emily Greene Balch, 10 January 1924

Document 16A: Vilma Glücklich to Hideko Inouye, 8 July 1924

Document 16B: WILPF Circular Letter, July 1924

Document 17: Hideko Inouye to WILPF, 28 November 1924

Document 18: Vilma Glücklich to WPAJ, 17 August 1925

Document 19: Tano Jodai to Jane Addams, 16 February 1926

Document 20: Tano Jodai, "Japan of Yesterday and Today," October 1926

Document 21: Hideko Inouye to Madeleine Z. Doty, 15 January 1927

Document 22: Madeleine Z. Doty to Tano Jodai, 19 June 1927

Document 23: Tano Jodai to Mary Sheepshanks, 17 July 1928

Document 24: Tsune Gauntlett, "Fujin to Heiwa" (Women and Peace), 20 August 1928

Document 25A: Jane Addams, "The Opening of a Woman's Congress," October 1928

Document 25B: Image, Hawaiian Governor Wallace R. Farrington greets Jane Addams in Honolulu, December 1928

Document 26: Tano Jodai to Mary Sheepshanks, 25 January 1930

Document 27: Ann Zueblin to Tano Jodai, 25 March 1930

Document 28: Tsune Gauntlett, "Washinton ni okeru Fujin no Koe" (Voice of Women in Washington), May 1930

Document 29A: Utako Hayashi, "Gunshuku Kaigi kara Kaette" (Coming Back from the Disarmament Congress), 1 May 1930

Document 29B: "San Goku Fujin Dan no Seigan Iken Sho (Petitions and Proposals Presented by Women's Organizations from Three Nations, the U.S., England, and Japan), March 1930

Document 30: Ann Zueblin to Hama Tsukamoto, 22 October 1930

Document 31: Tano Jodai to Dorothy Detzer, 17 February 1932

Document 32A: A Woman of the WPAJ to Friends in China, March 1932

Document 32B: "An Appeal of Women of Japan," March 1932

Document 33A: Tsune Gauntlett to WILPF, 21 November 1935

Document 33B: Masako Abiko to Girls of the United States of America, November 1935

Document 34A: Cover Illustration, "The World Is One Great Family," 1935

Document 34B: Tsugi Tashiro, lyrics, "The World Is One Great Family," 1935

Document 34C: Tsugi Tashiro, sheet music, "The World Is One Great Family," 1935



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