How Did the Perceived Threat of Socialism Shape
the Relationship between Workers and their Allies in the
New York City Shirtwaist Strike, 1909-1910?

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Document 1: Rose Cohen, Out of the Shadow, 1918

Document 2: "Suffragists to Aid Girl Waist Strikers," 2 December 1909

Document 3: Grace Potter, "Women Shirt-Waist Strikers Command Sympathy of Public," 12 December 1909

Document 4: "Miss Morgan Aids Girl Waiststrikers," 14 December 1909

Document 5: "Girl Strikers Tell the Rich Their Woes," 16 December 1909

Document 6: "Puts Up Her Mansion: Mrs. Belmont Goes Security for the Striking Shirt Waist Makers," 20 December 1909

Document 7: "Women Socialists Rebuff Suffragists," 20 December 1909

Document 8: "Waist Strike Pickets Parade Through Shop District in Autos," 22 December 1909

Document 9: "Protests are Heeded By Police and Courts," 4 January 1910

Document 10: "State Arbitrators In Girls' Strike," 4 January 1910

Document 11: "State Tries to Settle Waist Makers' Strike," 5 January 1910

Document 12: "Woman Socialist Gives Her Wedding Ring to Aid Strikers," 6 January 1910

Document 13: "New Trade Union: Eva McDonald Valesh Fires First Gun In Fight," 22 January 1910

Document 14: "Socialist Women and the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike," 8 February 1910

Document 15: Mary Dreier to Margaret Dreier Robins, 17 February 1910




Document 16:"General Strike of the Ladies Waist Makers," 23 November 1909

Document 17:"News from the Ladies' Waist Maker Strike in New York," 10 January 1910

Document 18:"A Half Day of Your Wages for the Strikers," 12 January 1910

Document 19:"Victory of the Ladies Waist Makers Complete," 15 February 1910

Document 20: "Two of the 'Cooperative' Bosses Get Tired Feet and Come to Settle," 4 March 1910



Document 21: Constance D. Leupp, "The Shirtwaist Makers' Strike," 18 December 1909

Document 22: Theresa S. Malkiel, The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker, 1910

Document 23: Mary van Kleeck, "The Shirtwaist Strike and Its Significance," 1910



Images 1 and 2: Photographs from The International Socialist Review, January 1910

Image 3: "Two Phases of Yuletide, 1909: The Struggle for Bread and Bargains," December 24, 1909

Image 4: "Saving Society: How the Police Are Protecting the Public From the Terrible Shirtwaist Strikers," January 1910

Image 5: "Incident in the Shirtwaist Strike," December 1909

Image 6: "Strike Pickets of the Girl Waist-Makers Who Patrol Washington Place for Union," November 1909

Images 7 and 8: Photographs from the New York Evening Journal, November 1909

Image 9: "Mrs. Stokes Pleading Cause of Striking Girls," [1909]

Image 10: Clara Lemlich, 1910




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