Kathryn Kish Sklar, co-editor of the web site, is Distinguished Professor Emerita at the State University of New York at Binghamton. In 2005-2006 she was the Harmsworth Professor of American History at the University of Oxford. She is the author of Florence Kelley and the Nation's Work: The Rise of Women's Political Culture, 1830-1900 (1995), and other books and articles on women and social movements. Her first book, Catharine Beecher: A Study in American Domesticity (1973), analyzed how women reshaped gender identities and gender relationships in the antebellum era.  Both Catharine Beecher and Florence Kelley were awarded the Berkshire Prize.  She is currently completing a study of women and social movements in the Progressive era, 1900-1930. (Click here for CV).

    Thomas Dublin is co-editor of the web site.  He serves as Bartle Distinguished Professor of History and Co-Director of the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is the author or editor of eight books including Women at Work: The Transformation of Work and Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860 (1979), winner of the Bancroft Prize and the Merle Curti Award. His latest book, The Face of Decline: The Pennsylvania Anthracite Region in the Twentieth Century, co-authored with Walter Licht, received the 2006 Merle Curti Award for Social History and the Philip S. Klein Prize. (Click here for CV).

   Denise Ireton is Managing Editor for Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. She earned her Ph.D. at Binghamton University in 2015.

  • Anne-Marie Angelo (US-UK & South Africa--(U. of Sussex)
  • Marilyn Booth—(Arabic Cultures--University of Oxford
  • Eileen Boris (US in the World--UC SB)
  • Marilyn Boxer (Europe--San Francisco State)
  • Antoinette Burton (Empire—U. of Illinois)
  • Jo Butterfield—(League of Nations—U. of Iowa )
  • Jacqueline Castledine (US in the World--U. of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  • Nupur Chaudhuri (South Asia--Texas Southern U.)
  • Francisca de Haan—(Central Europe--Central European University)
  • Ellen DuBois (US in the World--UCLA)
  • Carolyn Eichner (France and French Empire--U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  • Cynthia Enloe – (Empire--Clark Univ.)
  • Carol Faulkner ( US Women--Syracuse Univ.)
  • Jennifer Frost (U.S. Women, U of Auckland)
  • Julie Gallagher (US in the World--Penn State Univ., Brandywine)
  • Pat Grimshaw (New Zealand, Australia--University of Melbourne)
  • Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor (British Empire in North America--UC Davis)
  • Jane Hunter (US in the World--Lewis and Clark University)
  • Franca Iacovetta – (Italy in the World--Toronto)
  • Rui Kohiyama (US, Japan--Tokyo Women’s Christian University)
  • Kathleen Laughlin (US in the World--Metropolitan State U., Minneapolis)
  • Philippa Levine (Empire--UT Austin)
  • Lisa Materson (US in the World--UC Davis)
  • Kathleen McCarthy (US in the World--CUNY)
  • Annette Mevis (Women in the World--ATRIUM archives, Amsterdam)
  • Clare Midgley (British Empire--Sheffield Univ.)
  • Gail Minault (South Asia--UT Austin)
  • Michelle Moravec (US--Rosemont College)
  • Asha Islam Nayeem (Bangladesh--Univ. of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • Karen Offen—(Europe--Stanford)
  • Jocelyn Olcott (Mexico--Duke)
  • Annelise Orleck (US in the World--Dartmouth)
  • Fiona Paisley (Pacific Rim--Griffith University)
  • Rebecca Plant (US in the World--UC San Diego)
  • Jessica Pliley (US in the World --Texas State Univ.)
  • Claire Potter (US in the World--New School)
  • Jean Quataert (Europe in the World--SUNY Binghamton)
  • Barbara Reeves-Ellington (US in the World--Independent Scholar, UK)
  • Mary Renda (US in the World--Mt. Holyoke)
  • Leila Rupp (International Women’s Organizations--UCSB)
  • Rhonda Semple (South Asia--St. Francis Xavier, Canada)
  • Mrinalini Sinha (Empire--U of Michigan)
  • Glenda Sluga (Transnational--U of Sydney)
  • Marjorie Spruill (US in the World--Univ of South Carolina)
  • Landon Storrs (US in the World--Univ. of Iowa)
  • Shurlee Swain (Australia--Australian Catholic University )
  • Yuko Takahashi (Japan and US--Tsuda College)
  • Rosalyn Terborg-Penn (US in the World--Morgan State Univ.)
  • Jenny Thigpen (US in the World--Washington State U., Pullman)
  • Brandy Thomas Wells (US in the World—Ohio State Univ.)
  • Wang Zheng (China--Univ. of Michigan)
  • Judy Wu (US in the World--Ohio State Univ.)

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