Call for Proposals

Women and Social Movements welcomes proposals for online document projects. Co-directors Kathryn Kish Sklar and Thomas Dublin draw on a Board of Editors who referee submissions and offer support to prospective author/editors.

Prospective submissions should be built around primary sources addressing a concrete question concerning some aspect of women and social movements in the United States. Ideally the project question should address issues raised in relevant secondary literature. The project should include a brief introductory essay with endnotes and about 20-30 primary source documents (texts, images, audio or video) with headnotes that address the central question and annotations that identify obscure references within the documents. The project should also include a bibliography and a set of related WWW links. Author/editors of projects accepted for publication on the website will also need to secure permission for the publication of any copyrighted material. Staff of the Women and Social Movements website will provide support in this process.

In March 2009 we introduced a new format – the document archive. In document archives authors can present larger groups of documents relatively unmediated by interpretation. By publishing a blend of document projects and document archives, we hope to make available an even wider array of new interpretations and new documents in U.S. Women's History. Prospective authors should contact the editors at the outset of their work to discuss whether they would like to prepare a proposal for a document project or a document archive.

Because so much work is involved in preparing a web-based document project, and there are limited venues for publication of such work, we ask prospective contributors initially to submit a 3-5 page abstract noting the project's central question, its connection to relevant historiography, and the main primary sources to be employed. In addition we ask prospective authors to submit an annotated list of documents likely to be included in the project. Staff at the website and members of the editorial board will offer responses and assistance to prospective contributors.  We send proposals and related lists of documents out for double-blind peer review.  Based on reviewers’ comments, we will accept a proposal, urge the author to revise and resubmit the proposal, or decide not to move forward with the proposal.

We encourage prospective contributors to contact our new, incoming editors, Rebecca Plant or Judy Wu to discuss their proposals before submitting them. All proposals must be electronic--via email and email attachments. We find it helpful to have considerable email exchange during the proposal preparation process and during work on the project because of the unique demands of the document project genre.

Professor Jay Kleinberg of Brunel University has written an article describing her experience preparing a document project for WASM and has kindly permitted us to mount the piece here for prospective contributors. You may find her discussion helpful if you are thinking about preparing your own document project.


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