How Did the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Work to Expand Women's Educational
and Employment Opportunities, 1950-1977?

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Document 1: Phyllis Evans, Minutes, Society of Women Engineers, Green Engineering Camp, Ringwood, NJ, 28 May 1950

Document 2: Beatrice Hicks, "Special Report of Our Status on Subversive Activities," in Agenda for Meeting of the Board of Directors of the SWE, January 1951

Document 3: Kay Elsas Broughton, Report of Incorporation Committee for the Board of Directors, Society of Women Engineers, 10 March 1951

Document 4: "Convention Notes," Journal of the Society of Women Engineers, Spring 1951

Document 5: Beatrice Hicks, "Annual Report of the President of the Society of Women Engineers, July 1, 1950 to July 1, 1951," Journal of the Society of Women Engineers, September 1951

Document 6: Beatrice Hicks to H. Marion [sic] Trytten, Director of the Office of Scientific Personnel, National Research Council, 24 August 1951

Document 7: Phyllis Evans Miller to "Shareholder," 6 December 1951

Document 8: Society of Women Engineers, Certificate of Incorporation, 13 February 1952

Document 9A: Margaret Ross to Beatrice Hicks, 28 April 1952

Document 9B: Beatrice Hicks to Margaret Ross, 1 May 1952

Document 10: Margaret A. Kearney to Beatrice A. Hicks, 10 December 1952

Document 11: Dot Merrill to Arlene Davis, Marie Pulaski, and Ada Richardson, 14 January 1953

Document 12: Beatrice Hicks, "Professional Guidance and Education Committee Report for Year 1952-1953," 1 September 1953

Document 13: E. Elise Hosten, "Annual Report of the Professional Guidance and Educational Committee for Year 1952-1953"

Document 14: Cleveland Technical Societies Council, television script, "Adventures in Science and Engineering," 6 June 1954

Document 15: Elsie Eaves to Alice K. Leopold, 1 February 1955

Document 16: Patricia L. Brown, ed. Women in Engineering, 1955

Document 17: "Lady Engineers Tell How to Meet Red Threat," Detroit Free Press, 29 April 1956

Document 18: Emma C. Barth, "Father Does Not Know Best," SWE Newsletter, May 1956

Document 19: Miriam "Mickey" Gerla, "Taking Stock of the SWE," 27 February 1957

Document 20A: Olive Mayer, letter to the editor, SWE Newsletter, March 1957

Document 20B: Margaret Kipilo, letter to the editor, SWE Newsletter, August 1957

Document 21: Society of Women Engineers, "Society of Women Engineers," pamphlet, ca. 1958

Document 22: Beatrice A. Hicks to Catherine Eiden, 5 December 1960

Document 23: Betty Preece to Patricia Brown, 25 July 1961

Document 24A: Meta Ellis to Patricia Brown, 4 June 1962

Document 24B: Patricia L. Brown to Meta Ellis Heller, 17 October 1962

Document 25: Society of Women Engineers, chart comparing percentage of women engineers in the Soviet Union and Western world, 1963

Document 26: Society of Women Engineers, Proceedings of the First International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (excerpts), 15-21 June 1964

Document 27: Jeanne Brodie to Winnie Gifford, 7 May 1966

Document 28: Eileen Duignan-Woods to Priscilla J. Collins, 4 December 1972

Document 29: Naomi McAfee, "Challenge: President's Message," SWE Newsletter, September 1973

Document 30: Arminta Harness, "President's Letter," SWE Newsletter, December 1977

Document 31: Lois Bey, interview by Lauren Kata, 16 April 2003



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