How Did White Women Reformers with the Southern Utes
Respond to Gendered Assimilationist Indian Policies?

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Early Mission Work

Document 1A: Elizabeth Taylor to Abigail Parker, 26 June 1828

Document 1B: Sally M. Reece to Reverend Daniel Campbell, 25 July 1828

Document 1C: Nancy Reece to Reverend Fayette Shepherd, 25 December 1828

Work of Matrons on the Reservation

Document 2: Dawes Act, 1887

Document 3: Susan LaFlesche, "The Homelife of the Indian Woman," June 1892

Document 4: Mrs. Merial A. Dorchester, "Suggestions from the Field," 1891

Document 5: Thomas J. Morgan, "Field Matrons," 1892

Document 6: Elizabeth McAllister, "Ute Indians at Ignacio, Colorado," November 1902

Document 7: Belle M. Brain, The Redemption of the Red Man, 1904

Document 8A: Floretta Shields, "Work Among Indians," 1905

Document 8B: Mrs. Martindale, "Work Among the Indians," 1906

Document 8C: Mrs. E.W.A. Fisk, "Work Among Indians," 1910

Document 8D: Mrs. E.W.A. Fisk, "Indians," 1911

Document 9A: Report of Mellie Martin, March 1911

Document 9B: Report of Mellie Martin, May 1911

Document 9C: Report of Mellie Martin, July 1911

Document 10A: Dr. Lee Curran to Walter G. West, 17 May 1916

Document 10B: Walter G. West to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 9 May 1917

Nellie Wiegel and the Shift to Empowerment

Document 11: Nellie Wiegel to Edward E. McKean, 27 November 1925

Document 12A: Edward E. McKean to Nellie Wiegel, 30 November 1925

Document 12B: Edward E. McKean to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 30 November 1925

Document 13: Nellie Wiegel to Edward E. McKean, 18 January 1926

Document 14: Edward E. McKean to Nellie Wiegel, 21 January 1926

Document 15: Nellie Wiegel to Edward E. McKean, 5 February 1926

Document 16A: Nellie Wiegel to Inspector H. H. Fiske, 4 May 1927

Document 16B: Inspector H. H. Fiske to Commissioner Charles Burke, 11 May 1927

Document 17A: Charles H. Burke to Nellie Wiegel, 16 September 1927

Document 17B: Nellie Wiegel to Charles H. Burke, 21 September 1927

Document 18: H. J. Hagerman to Commissioner Charles J. Rhoads, 13 October 1931

Document 19: Nellie Wiegel to Commissioner Charles J. Rhoads, 24 November 1931

Document 20A: Roy Nash to Commissioner Charles J. Rhoads, [February 1932]

Document 20B: A. L. Kroeger to Governor William H. Adams, 15 Feburary 1932

Document 21: Nellie Wiegel to Ray Lyman Wilbur, 11 March 1932

Document 22: Mayor R. R. Garrick to Nellie Wiegel, 9 August 1932

Document 23: Nellie Wiegel to Commissioner Charles J. Rhoads, 12 August 1932

Document 24: Commissioner Charles J. Rhoads to Ray Lyman Wilbur, 25 February 1932

Document 25: The Indian Reorganization Act, 1934

Document 26: Colorado Federation of Women's Clubs, "Resolution Adopted at Annual Convention," 17 September 1937



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