How Do Contemporary Newspaper Accounts of the
1850 Worcester Woman's Rights Convention Enhance Our Understanding
of the Issues Debated at That Meeting?

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Section I: Convention Proceedings, 23-24 October 1850

Document 1A: Call to the Convention, 1850

Document 1B: List of Signers of the Call, 1850

Document 2A: Morning Session Proceedings, 23 October 1850

Document 2B: Paulina W. Davis, "Address by Paulina W. Davis," 23 October 1850

Document 3A: Afternoon Session Proceedings, 23 October 1850

Document 3B: Abby H. Price, "Address by Mrs. Abby H. Price," 23 October 1850

Document 4: Evening Session Proceedings, 23 October 1850

Document 5A: Morning Session Proceedings, 24 October 1850

Document 5B: Excerpt from Harriot K. Hunt, "An Address on the Medical Education of Women by Harriot K. Hunt," 24 October 1850

Document 6: Afternoon Session Proceedings, 24 October 1850

Document 7: Evening Session Proceedings, 24 October 1850

Document 8A: Gerrit Smith to William Lloyd Garrison, 16 October 1850

Document 8B: H.H. Van Amringe, "Woman's Rights in Church and State," 24 October 1850

Document 9A: Elizur Wright to Paulina Wright Davis, 22 October 1850

Document 9B: Esther Ann Lukens to Paulina Wright Davis, October 1850

Document 9C: L.A. Hines to Mrs. P.W. Davis, 15 October 1850

Document 9D: Excerpts from Elizabeth Ruffner Wilson, "Letter from Elizabeth Wilson, September 27, 1850"

Document 9E: Mrs. Elizabeth C. Stanton to Paulina Wright Davis, 20 October 1850

Document 9F: Samuel Joseph May to the Woman's Rights Convention, 22 October 1850

Document 9G: O.S. Fowler to the Officers of the Woman's Rights Convention, 14 October 1850

Document 10A: Margaret Chappelsworth to P.W. Davis, 20 September 1850

Document 10B: Nancy M. Baird, Letter to the Women's Rights Convention

Document 10C: Excerpt from letter from Jane Cowell

Document 10D: Sophia L. Little, Letter to the Women's Convention, 9 October 1850

Document 10E: Maria L. Varney, Letter to "Friends," 20 October 1850

Document 10F: Excerpt from a letter by Mildred A. Spafard, 2 September 1850

Document 10G: Excerpt from a Letter from H. M. Weber, 3 August 1850

Section II: Newspaper Coverage of the Convention

Document 11: Jane Grey Swisshelm, "Worcester Convention," 31 August 1850

Document 12: Jane Grey Swisshelm. "The Worcester Convention," 4 September 1850

Document 13: "The Convention," 23 October 1850

Document 14: "Grand Demonstration of Petticoatdom at Worcester," 24 October 1850

Document 15: "Grand Demonstration of Petticoatdom at Worcester," 25 October 1850

Document 16: "Women's Rights Convention at Worcester, Mass.," 25 October 1850

Document 17: "Woman's Rights Convention," 25 October 1850

Document 18: J. G. Forman, "Women's Rights Convention at Worcester, Mass.," 26 October 1850

Document 19: "Woman's Rights Convention," 26 October 1850

Document 20: "Woman's Rights Convention," 28 October 1850

Document 21: "The Worcester Fanatics, Progress of Socialism, Abolition, and Infidelity," 29 October 1850

Document 22: "The Woman's Rights Convention," 1 November 1850

Document 23: "Women's Rights and Duties, The Worcester Convention," 2 November 1850

Document 24: Caroline Wells Dall, "Letter to Mrs. Paulina W. Davis," 8 November 1850

Document 25A: Jane Grey Swisshelm, "The Worcester Convention," 2 November 1850

Document 25B: Parker Pillsbury, "Woman's Rights Convention and People of Color," 23 November 1850

Document 25C: Jane Grey Swisshelm, "Unreasonable," 16 November 1850

Document 25D: Jane Grey Swisshelm, "Woman's Rights and the Color Question," 23 November 1850

Document 26: Excerpt from Elizabeth Blackwell to Marion Blackwell, 24 December 1850

Document 27: Excerpts from Harriet Taylor, "Enfranchisement of Women," July 1851


Document 28: Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis, "History of the Woman's Rights Movement," 21 October 1870

Image 1: Paulina Wright Davis

Image 2: Frederick Douglass

Image 3: Lucretia Mott

Image 4: Lucy Stone

Image 5: Sojourner Truth

Image 6: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and daughter, Harriot



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